Ep. 1

"That Was No Idol, That Was My Ape"

"The All-American Ape"

Ep. 2

"Movie Madness"

"Trouble at Bad Rock"

Ep. 3

"Flying Saucery"

"There's No Feud Like an Old Feud"

Ep. 4

"The Grape Race"

"The Big Parade"

Ep. 5

"A Knight to Remember"


Ep. 6

"G.I. Ape"

"The Purple Avenger"

Ep. 7


"Return to Balaboomba"

Ep. 8

"Amazon Ape"

"Grape Marks the Spot"

Ep. 9

"The Invisible Ape"

"Public Grape No. 1"

Ep. 10

"The Incredible Shrinking Grape"

"What's a Nice Prince Like You Doing in a Duck Like That?"

Ep. 11

"Who's New at the Zoo"

"The Indian Grape Call"

Ep. 12

"A Grape Is Born"

"The First Grape in Space"

Ep. 13

"S.P.L.A.T.'s Back: Part 1"

"S.P.L.A.T.'s Back: Part 2"

Ep. 14

"To Sleep or Not to Sleep"

"Olympic Grape"

Ep. 15

"Ali Beagle and the 40 Grapes"

"Grape Five-O"

Ep. 16

"The Purple Avenger Strikes Again"

"The Grape Connection"

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