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December 11, 2002


8.00 AM Covent Garden, London. A woman is shot dead in the street. In the distance a child screams as a car disappears with a screech of tyres. It is a crime that will spark a series of shocking events involving London's most notorious gangs. Several gangsters, confront Suzie, who is in the process of taking Alex to school. Suddenly, the two gangsters grab Suzie, who shouts at Mark above for help. As a result, Harry, one of the gangsters, who is dressed in a green suit, shoots her in the chest and kills her. Mark rushes out of his apartment in time to see his son being bundled into a red Rover 75 and his wife lying on the pavement dying. Mark foolishly picks up the murder weapon, incriminating himself. Suzie dies, pleading Mark to get their boy back. Consumed with rage, Mark frantically tails the car to a warehouse where he is confronted by Charlie Jolson, the leader of the Bethnal Green Mob, who is holding Alex hostage. Charlie tells Mark that he is to work for him or his kid will die.

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