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May 6, 1984 – December 8, 1984

The Get-Along Gang is an Canadian-American animated series based on the toy-line of the same name created by American Greetings. The success of the greeting card line led to a Saturday morning television series, which aired on CBS for 13 episodes in the 1984–1985 season, with reruns showing from January to June 1986.

For the "Pilot" episode which it was produced by Nelvana, the post production sound services that was provided with crew members are likely to be announced.

For the current TV series which was produced by DiC Entertainment, the post production sound services were provided by Animation City Editorial Services, Inc., Ryder Sound Services did a re-recording editor, and B & B Sound Studios did a voice recording.


A group of anthropomorphic animal children learn the value of teamwork and friendship.

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