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26 September 2014 - 28 October 2017

The Furchester Hotel is a British-American puppet series for CBeebies (BBC's preschool network). It is a British spin-off of Sesame Street. It was produced by MediaCityUK in the UK, and Sesame Workshop in the US.


The Furchester Hotel is a half-star hotel that is owned by a monster family called the Furchester-Fuzz Family. The Furchester-Fuzz Family alongside Elmo and Cookie Monster figure out how to solve different issues that are developed by the guests of the Furchester Hotel.

A close-knit family of cheerfully chaotic monsters runs the Furchester Hotel, an almost world-class facility. Owner Funella Furchester greets guests as they arrive, alongside husband Furgus Fuzz and daughter Phoebe. Joining the family at the Furchester are Phoebe's cousin Elmo, who is there for an extended visit, and Cookie Monster, who is working his dream job as a waiter, serving guests with room service and in the dining room. They all come together to solve problems in an attempt to keep their guests happy, an attitude that is in line with the family's motto: "A Furchester never gives up."

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