The Edge Edition Volume 2 is a general sound effects library made by The Hollywood Edge. It was first released in 2001.


Police Siren Tunnel TE2028101


Helicopter Blade Cl TE2010901

Cartoon & Comedy

Cartoon Warble Funn TE2016401

Wood Twang Humorous TE2016501

Wood Twang Humorous TE2016502

Wood Twang Humorous TE2016601

Wood Twang Humorous TE2016602

Wood Twang Humorous TE2016603

Impacts & Crashes-Metal

Metal Twang Humorou TE2016701

Metal Twang Humorou TE2016702

Metal Twang Humorou TE2016703

Cartoon & Comedy

Jews Harp Funny Boin TE2016801

Jews Harp Funny Boin TE2016802

Jews Harp Funny Boin TE2016803

Jews Harp Funny Boin TE2016804

Jews Harp Funny Boin TE2016805

Twang Funny Metal Pi TE2016901

Twang Funny Metal Pi TE2016902

Whoopee Whistle Fun TE2017001

Whoopee Whistle Fun TE2017002

Whoopee Whistle Fun TE2017003

Whoopee Whistle Fun TE2017004

Whoopee Whistle Fun TE2017005

Slide Whistle Updow TE2017101

Slide Whistle Up Fas TE2017201

Slide Whistle Up Fas TE2017202

Slide Whistle Up Fas TE2017203

Slide Whistle Up Fas TE2017204

Slide Whistle Up Fas TE2017205

Slide Whistle Up Slo TE2017301

Slide Whistle Up Slo TE2017302

Slide Whistle Twirl TE2017401

Slide Whistle DownS TE2017501

Slide Whistle DownS TE2017502

Slide Whistle DownS TE2017503

Slide Whistle DownS TE2017504

Slide Whistle DownF TE2017601

Slide Whistle DownF TE2017602

Slide Whistle DownF TE2017603

Slide Whistle VeryH TE2017701


Fart Loud Close TE2018301

Fart Loud Close TE2018302


Toy Train Whistle Do TE2019101

Toy Train Whistle Do TE2019102

Toy Train Whistle Do TE2019103


Wind Storm Medium Gu TE2022301


Kisses Sloppy Funny TE2027501

Kisses Sloppy Funny TE2027502

Kisses Sloppy Funny TE2027503


Police Siren Variou TE2027601

Police Siren Variou TE2027603

Police Siren Interi TE2028203


Freezer Open Door In TE2032502


Microwave Door Open TE2032904

Coffee Grinders

Coffee Grinder Elec TE2034101


Timer Bell Ding TE2035301


Lamp Switch Flip Ono TE2035601


Plate Pull Off Stack TE2038304


Rubber Toy SqueaksV TE2017901

Rubber Toy SqueaksV TE2017902

Rubber Toy SqueaksV TE2017903

Rubber Toy SqueaksV TE2017904

Rubber Toy SqueaksV TE2017905

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