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The Edge Edition Volume 1 is a general sound effects library made by The Hollywood Edge. It was made exclusively as a starter sound effects library and a library for those who are on a tight budget. It was first released in 1990. Some of its effects are identical or almost identical to the ones on The Premiere Edition Volume 1, which was made by the same brand. It consists a collection of 4 CDs with 822 sound effects.

Sound Categories


Airports & Stations

No Parking Announcem TE010101

No Parking Announcem TE010102

No Parking Announcem TE010103

Aircraft-Jet Passenger

Jet Take Off By LargeC TE010201

Jet Large Commercial TE010202

Jet Large Commercial TE010203

Jet Large Commercial TE010204

Jet By Large Commerci TE010301

Jet Interior FlightL TE010401

Aircraft-Prop Passenger

Prop Airplane By Smal TE010501

Prop Airplane By Shor TE010601

Prop Airplane By Shor TE010602

Prop Airplane By Dc 3L TE010701

Aircraft-Prop Military

Prop Airplane Take Of TE010801

Aircraft-Prop Passenger

Prop Airplane StartU TE010901

Prop Airplane By With Jet TE011001

Prop Airplane Landin TE011101

Prop Airplane Landin TE011102


Helicopter Hover Bel TE011201

Helicopter Hover Jet TE011301

Helicopter Hover Jet TE011401

Helicopter Hover Hue TE011501

Helicopter StartupJ TE011601

Helicopter By Jet Ran TE011701

Helicopter By Jet Ran TE011702

Helicopter By Huey Lo TE011801

Helicopter By Huey Lo TE011802

Helicopter By Bell 47 TE011901


Alarm 1 Contemporary TE012001

Alarm 2 Contemporary TE012101

Alarm 3 Interior Subm TE012201

Alarm 4 Contemporary TE012301

Alarm Clock Wind Up 1 L TE012401

Alarm Clock Wind Up Me TE012402

Alarm Clock Wind Up Hi TE012403

Car Alarm Series Acti TE012501

Car Alarm Series Car A TE012502

Car Alarm Series Car A TE012503

Car Alarm Series Car A TE012504

Alarms Low Pitched Bu TE012601

Alarms Medium Pitche TE012602

Alarms High PitchedS TE012603

Carnivals & Fairs

Carnival Midway Back TE012701

Carnival Midway Back TE012702

Roller Coaster 1 Fast TE012801

Roller Coaster Quick TE012802

Roller Coaster Quick TE012803

Roller Coaster On Boa TE012804


Bats Squeal High Pitc TE012901

Animals-Bird Singles

Crow Cawing TE013001

Bird Shore Bird Chirp TE013101

Owl Hoot Classic TE013201

Parrot Squawks Inter TE013301

Parrot Eats Seeds Ver TE013302

Rooster Crows Classi TE013401

Animals-Bird BGs

Canadian Geese HonkL TE013501

Bird Atmospheres Jun TE013601

Bird Atmospheres Mea TE013602

Bird Atmospheres Mea TE013603


Boar Grunts Squeals TE013701

Camel Grunts TE013801


Cat Meows Eats Cat Meo TE013901

Cat Meows Eats Cat Meo TE013902

Cat Meows Eats Cat Eat TE013903


Dogs Small Dog Barks TE014001

Dogs Small Dog Growls TE014002

Dogs Medium Size DogB TE014003

Dogs Medium Size DogB TE014004

Dogs Medium Size DogB TE014005

Dogs Large Dog Barks TE014006

Dogs Large Dog Snarls TE014101

Dogs Large Dog Growls TE014102

Dogs Large Dog Growls TE014103

Dog Howls Plaintivel TE014201

Dog Yelps High Pitche TE014301

Dog Whines High Pitch TE014401

Dog Whines High Pitch TE014402

Dog Drinking Water TE014501

Dog Sneezes Close Per TE014601

Dog Sniffs Close Pers TE014701

Dog Barks Medium Dist TE014801

Dog Barks Snarls Vici TE014901

Dog Barks Snarls Grow TE015001

Dog Large Dog Barks TE015101

Saint Bernard Barks TE015201

Dogs 2 Dogs Barking Gr TE015301

Dog Snarls Moans Tugg TE015401

Dog Growls Snarls Sno TE015501

Dog Growls Viciously TE015601

Dog Whines Cries TE015701

Dog Cries High Pitche TE015801


Dolphins 1 Crying Spl TE015901

Dolphins Chirping TE015902

Dolphins Swimming WB TE015903

Elephants Trumpet An TE016001


Goat Baas CU Classic TE016101


Horses 4 Horses Gallo TE016201

Horses Herd Gallopin TE016202

Horses 1 High Pitched TE016301

Horses Whinnies Snor TE016302

Horses High Pitched W TE016303

Animals-Insects BG

Bee Swarm Intense Buz TE016401

Mosquito Buzzes CU TE016501

Fly Buzzes Against Wi TE016601

Fly Buzzes Against Wi TE016602


Lion Growls Snarls TE016701


Pig Grunts Squeals 1 C TE016801

Pig Grunts Squeals Ex TE016802


Toad Croaks Strange N TE016901

Wolf Howls Multiple TE017001

Crowd-Applause & Cheer

Polite Audience Appl TE017101

Concert Audience App TE017201

Stadium Crowd Cheers TE017301

Stadium Crowd Cheers TE017302

Large Mardi Gras Crow TE017401

Crowd-Singing & Chanting

Large Crowd Chants We TE017501


Crowd Large Crowd Boo TE017601

Crowd Large Crowd Boo TE017602

Volcano & Earthquake

Avalanche 1 Many Larg TE017701

Avalanche 21 Many Lar TE017801

Avalanche 2 Rumble Cr TE017802

Avalanche 3 Single Ro TE017901

Avalanche 3 Single Ro TE017902

Avalanche 3 Single Ro TE017903

Human Voices & Sounds

Baby Cries TE018001

Baby Laughs TE018002

Computers & Beeps

Beeps Single Tones Sh TE018101

Beeps Single Tones Sh TE018102

Beeps Single Tones Sh TE018103

Beeps Single Tones Sh TE018104

Beeps Single Tones Sh TE018105

Beeps Single Tones Sh TE018106

Beeps Single Tones Sh TE018107

Beeps Single Tones Sh TE018108


Watch Alarm Beeps Sin TE018201

Watch Alarm Beeps 4 Fa TE018202

Watch Alarm Beeps Ala TE018203

Chimes & Bells

Church Bell Strikes 1 TE018301

Bicycle Bell Close Pe TE018401

Boxing Bell Single Ri TE018501

Boxing Bell Double Ri TE018502

Desk Bell Rings TE018601

Door Bells Avon Style TE018701

Door Bells Multiple B TE018702

Railroad Crossing Be TE018801

Sleigh Bells Close Pe TE018901

Sleigh Bells Close Pe TE018902

Shop Door Bell Rings TE019001

Pentatonic Chimes Ri TE019101

Water-Splashes & Sprays

Bubbles Boiling Wate TE019201

Water-Underwater FX

Bubbles Jacuzzi Caul TE019301

Bubbles Science Lab TE019401

Bubbles Ascending Bu TE019501

Bubbles Single Bubbl TE019601

Foley Props

Bubble Gum Blowing Bu TE019701

Bubble Gum Blowing Bu TE019702

Bubble Gum Blowing Bu TE019703

Bubble Gum Blowing Bu TE019704

Bubble Gum Blowing Bu TE019705

Water Bottle Glubs La TE019801


Switches & Levers

Button Pushes Metal TE020101

Button Pushes Metal TE020102

Button Pushes Metal TE020103

Button Pushes Plasti TE020104

Button Pushes Plasti TE020105


Door Buzzer High Pitc TE020201

Door Buzzer Low Pitch TE020202

Factory Buzzer Rever TE020301

Medium Pitched Buzz TE020401


Single Camera Clicks TE020501

Single Camera Clicks TE020502

Single Camera Clicks TE020503

Single Camera Clicks TE020504

Single Camera Clicks TE020505

Single Camera Clicks TE020506

Single Camera Clicks TE020507

Single Camera Clicks TE020508

Single Camera Clicks TE020509

Group Cameras Simult TE020601

Flashbulb Pops With Glas TE020701

Flashbulb Pops With Glas TE020702

Flashbulb Pops With Glas TE020703

Flashbulb Pops With Glas TE020704

Flashbulb Pops Flash TE020705

Cartoon & Comedy

Cartoon Farts 1 HighP TE020801

Cartoon Farts 2 HighP TE020802

Cartoon Farts 3 HighP TE020803

Cartoon Farts 4 Mediu TE020804

Cartoon Farts 5 Low Pi TE020805

Cartoon Air Blows Var TE020901

Cartoon Air Blows Var TE020902

Cartoon Air Blows Var TE020903

Cartoon Twangs 1 Low TE021001

Cartoon Twangs High TE021002

Cartoon Boings 1 Shor TE021101

Cartoon Boings Long TE021102

Cartoon Zooms Variou TE021201

Cartoon Zooms Variou TE021202

Cartoon Zooms Variou TE021203

Cartoon Zooms Variou TE021204

Arrow Swish Regular TE021301

Arrow Swish Reversed TE021302

Knife Hits Wood Vibra TE021401

Knife Hits Wood Vibra TE021402

Cartoon Raspberries TE021501

Cartoon Raspberries TE021502

Cartoon Raspberries TE021503

Cartoon Raspberries TE021504

Slide Whistle Warbli TE021601

Slide Whistle Warbli TE021602

Slide Whistle High Wa TE021603


Sky Rocket Loud High TE021701


Cash Registers Modrn TE021801

Cash Registers Drawe TE021802

Cash Registers Old Ma TE021803

Cash Register TE021804

Cash Register TE021805

Cash Register TE021806

Foley Props

Money Movement Drop TE021901

Money Movement Pull TE021902

Switches & Levers

Clicks Switches On Of TE022001

Clicks Switches On Of TE022002

Clicks Switches On Of TE022003

Clicks Switches On Of TE022004

Clicks Switches On Of TE022005

Clicks Switches On Of TE022006

Clicks Switches On Of TE022007

Clicks Switches On Of TE022008


Clock Ticks Antique TE022101

Mantle Clock Medium P TE022201

Windup Antique Clock TE022301

Time Clock Punch TE022401

Cuckoo Clock 12 Cucko TE022501

Grandfather Clock Ti TE022601

Impacts & Crashes-Various

Car Crash Over Cliff E TE022701

Impacts & Crashes-Metal

Metal Crashes Variou TE022801

Metal Crashes Variou TE022802

Metal Crashes Variou TE022803

Metal Crashes Variou TE022804

Metal Crashes Variou TE022805

Impacts & Crashes-Wood

Wood Crashes Large Tr TE022901

Wood Crashes Long Con TE022902

Wood Crashes Short Du TE022903

Impacts & Crashes-Various

Large Ceramic Pot Bre TE023001

Impacts & Crashes-Glass

Glass Crashes Large W TE023101

Glass Crashes Large W TE023102

Glass Crashes Large W TE023103

Glass Crashes Large W TE023104

Glass Crashes Small W TE023105

Impacts & Crashes-Various

Debris Crash Crashes TE023201

Debris Crash Crashes TE023202

Debris Crash 3 Large C TE023203

Debris Crash 4 Variou TE023204

Impacts & Crashes-Wood

Creaks Wooden Stairs TE023301

Creaks Wooden Stairs TE023302

Creaks Wooden Stairs TE023303

Creaks Slow Wooden TE023401

Boats & Ships

Creaks Slow Wooden TE023402


Screen Door Creak Woo TE023501


Door Creaks Medium Pe TE023601

Hospital Equipment

Dentist Drill Short TE023701

Dentist Drill Steady TE023702

Dentist Drill Drilli TE023801

Dentist Drill Drilli TE023802

Dentist Drill Drilli TE023901

Dentist Drill Drilli TE023902


Wood Door Open CloseH TE024001

Wood Door Open CloseL TE024002

Wood Doors Various TE024101

Wood Doors Various TE024102

Wood Doors Various TE024103

Wood Doors Various TE024104

Wood Doors Various TE024105

Wood Doors Various TE024106

Door Slams Small Ratt TE024201

Door Slams Squeaky Do TE024202

Door Slams Small Wood TE024203

Door Slams Large Door TE024204

Swinging Door TE024301


Jail Door Large Metal TE024401

Jail Door Large Metal TE024402

Jail Door Large Metal TE024403


Rollup Door With Lots Met TE024501

Large Metal Door Open TE024601

Doors-High Tech

Hatches Spaceship Su TE024701

Hatches Spaceship Su TE024702

Hatches Spaceship Su TE024703

Hatches Spaceship Su TE024704


Large Metal SlidingD TE024801

Large Metal SlidingD TE024802


Squeaky Door Knob With Lo TE024901


Metal Door Open Close TE025001


Door Latches Locked TE025101

Door Latches Locked 2 TE025102

Door Latches Locked 3 TE025103


Door Knob Shaken Ratt TE025201


Unlocking Door KeysJ TE025301


Elevator Doors OpenC TE025401

Elevator Doors OpenC TE025402


Electric Arcing 1 Sho TE025501

Electric Arcing 1 Lon TE025502

Electric Arcing 2 Lon TE025601


Explosion 1 Short Sma TE025701

Explosion 2 Short Med TE025801

Explosion 3 Medium Si TE025901

Explosion 4 Medium Si TE026001

Explosion 5 Large Med TE026101

Explosion 6 Large Sho TE026201

Explosion 7 Large Boo TE026301

Explosion 8 Large Rev TE026401

Explosion 9 Large Med TE026501

Explosion 10 Short Bo TE026601

Explosion 11 Small Di TE026701

Explosion 12 Large Bo TE026801

Explosion 13 Low Rumb TE026901

Explosion 14 Large Ru TE027001

Explosion 15 Large Lo TE027101

Impacts & Crashes-Fights

Face Body Punches Wet TE027201

Face Body Punches Wet TE027202

Face Body Punches Wet TE027203

Face Body Punches Wet TE027204

Face Body Punches Wet TE027205


Spear Knife Body Quic TE027301

Spear Knife Body Spea TE027302

Spear Knife Body Spea TE027303

Chopping Off Fingers TE027401

Chopping Off Fingers TE027402

Chopping Off Fingers TE027403

Impacts & Crashes-Fights

Body Falling Fight Sc TE027501

Body Falls Various TE027601

Body Falls Various TE027602

Body Falls Various TE027603

Body Falls Various TE027604

Body Falls Various TE027605

Body Falls Various TE027606

Body Falls Various TE027607

Body Falls Various TE027608

Body Falls Various TE027609

Body Falls Various TE027610


Small Crackling Fire TE027701

Small Fire With Lots Pops TE027801

Small Roaring Fire With L TE027901


Fireworks Fireworks TE028001

Fireworks Fuse Burn TE028002

Foley Footsteps

Footsteps Male Going TE028101

Footsteps Male Going TE028102

Footsteps Walking TE028201

Footsteps Walking TE028202

Footsteps On Dirt Med TE028301

Footsteps With Scuffs Re TE028401

Footsteps Male SlowD TE028501

Footsteps Giant Take TE028601

Weapons-Machine Guns Light

Ak 47 Multiple Bursts TE028701

Ak 47 Single Shot TE028801

Ak 47 Multiple Bursts TE028802

M1 Automatic Weapon TE028901

M1 Automatic Weapon TE028902

M1 Automatic Weapon TE028903

M1 Automatic Weapon TE028904

Automatic Weapon 1 Si TE029001

Automatic Weapon 2 Si TE029101

Automatic Weapon 3 Si TE029201

Automatic Weapon 3 Si TE029202

Automatic Weapon 3 Si TE029203

Automatic Weapon 4 Si TE029301

Automatic Weapon 4 Si TE029302

Automatic Weapon 4 Si TE029303


25mm Gun Fires Steady TE029401

22357 Magnum Fire Clo TE029501

Large Guns Fire Close TE029601

Large Guns Fire Close TE029602

Large Gun Fires Singl TE029701


Gun Cocks Various Gun TE029801

Gun Cocks Various Gun TE029802

Gun Cocks Various Gun TE029803

Gun Cocks Various Gun TE029804

Gun Cocks Various Gun TE029805

Gun Cocks Various Gun TE029806

Gun Cocks Cylinder Sp TE029807

Bullet-Bys & Riccos

Ricochets Various TE029901

Ricochets Various TE029902

Ricochets Various TE029903

Ricochets Various TE029904

Ricochets Various TE029905


Horns and Horror

Horns 1 Various Party TE030101

Horns 1 Various Party TE030102

Horns 1 Various Party TE030103

Horns 1 Various Party TE030104

Horns 1 Various Party TE030105

Horns 1 Various Party TE030106

Horns 1 Various Party TE030107

Horns 2 Various Party TE030201

Horns 2 Various Party TE030202

Horns 2 Various Party TE030203

Horns 2 Various Party TE030204

Horns 2 Various Party TE030205

Horns 3 Various Comic TE030301

Horns 3 Various Comic TE030302

Horns 3 Various Comic TE030303

Horns 4 Group Party Ne TE030401

Horns 4 Group Party Ne TE030402

Horror Scifi Backgro TE030501

Horror Scifi Backgro TE030601

Horror Scifi Backgro TE030701

Horror Scifi Backgro TE030801

Horror Scifi Backgro TE030901


Werewolf Howls Dist TE031001

Werewolf Howls Dist TE031002

Werewolf Growls Clos TE031101

Werewolf Growls Clos TE031102

Werewolf Growls Inha TE031201

Spirit Ghost Heavy Fo TE031301

Foley Props

Pour Sequence 1 Open J TE031401

Pour Sequence 2 Grab I TE031501

Pour Sequence 3 Drop I TE031601

Pour Sequence 4 Open B TE031701

Pour Sequence 5 Pop Ch TE031801

Pour Sequence 6 Open S TE031901

Ice 1 Ice Cube Glass TE032001

Ice 1 Ice Cube Glass TE032002

Ice 4 Ice Cubes Glass TE032003

Ice A Few Ice Cubes Gla TE032004

Ice Scoop Ice Drop Wat TE032005

Ice Stir Ice Water TE032006

Ice Stir Ice Water TE032007

Ice Being Moved TE032008

Opens Open Jar Lid TE032101

Opens Twist Open Smal TE032102

Opens Open Small Jar TE032103

Opens Twist Open Beer TE032104

Opens Pop Champagne C TE032105

Opens Pop Champagne C TE032106

Opens Open Soda Can TE032107

Opens Open Soda Can TE032108

Pour Liquid Glass TE032201

Pour Liquid Glass WIc TE032202

Pour Soda Glass Great TE032203

Pour Soda Glass Loud F TE032204

Pour Soda Glass LongL TE032205

Pour Soda Glass LongL TE032206

Glass Toasts TE032301


Bell Ring TE032302

Foley Props

Glasses Clank Togeth TE032303


Blender Medium Speed TE032401

Blender MediumhighS TE032402

Foley Props

Potato Chip Bag Openi TE032501

Potato Chip Bag Openi TE032502

Eat Potato Chips TE032601

1 Bite Potato Chips TE032701

1 Louder Bite Potato C TE032702

1 Slow Bite Potato Chi TE032703

Opening A Coffee Can TE032801

Closing A Coffee Can TE032802

Dining-Kitchens & Eating

Fry Meat CU Dry Sizzle TE032901

Egg Crack Fry With Grease TE033001

Breaking An Egg Open TE033101

Breaking An Egg Open TE033102

Cracking Then Openin TE033103

Peeling A Hard Boiled TE033104

Loose Egg Shells Crun TE033105

Fry Water Steamy Sizz TE033201

Foley Props

Taking A Gum Wrapper O TE033301

Chewing A Piece Gum With L TE033302


Salt Or Pepper Shaker TE033401

Salt Or Pepper Shaker TE033402

Dining-Kitchens & Eating

Dish Movement Clatte TE033501

Rummaging Through AD TE033502

Silverware Movement TE033601

Foley Props

Wooden Match StrikeS TE033701

Book Match Strike Seq TE033801

Match Strike Lightin TE033901

Match Strike Lightin TE033902

Match Strike Lightin TE033903

A Quick Match Strike TE033904

Match Strikes 6x TE033905

Bic Lighter 2 Distant TE034001

Bic Lightermisfire TE034002

Bic Lightermultiple TE034003


Zippo Lighter Sequen TE034101

Zippo Lighter Sequen TE034102

Zippo Lightermultip TE034103

Foley Props

Coin Movement Jingli TE034201

Dropping Handful Coi TE034202

Count Bills TE034301

Cloth Tears TE034401

Tearing Cloth Pieces TE034402

Tearing Cloth Pieces TE034403

Velcro Tears Fast TE034501

Velcro Tears Slow TE034502

Zipper Opening TE034601

Plastic Zipper Openi TE034602

Plastic Zipper Closi TE034603

Plastic Zipper Openi TE034604

Plastic Zipper Closi TE034605

Air & Steam

Balloon Deflating TE034701

Balloon Deflating Qu TE034702

Balloon Deflating Ra TE034703

Balloon Deflating Ra TE034704

Machines-Winches & Gears

Chain Movement TE034801

Chain Being Placed On TE034802

Large Chain On Gear TE034803

Chain Being Dropped TE034804

More Heavier Chain Be TE034805

Foley Props

Pad Lock Open Close TE034901

Pad Lock Open Close TE034902

Electric Shaver Soun TE035001

Hairspray Aerosol Pu TE035101

Quick Aerosol Spray TE035102

Long Aerosol Spray TE035103

Medium Aerosol Spray TE035104

Medium Aerosol Spray TE035105

Single Squirt From Pu TE035106


Toilet Flush Public TE035201

Home Bathroom Reverb TE035202

Home Bathroom TE035203

Home Bathroom TE035204

Dropping Seat Lid Dow TE035205

Public Urinal Flush TE035301

Flush Reverberant Pu TE035302

Bathtub Drain TE035401

Institutional Showe TE035501

Sink Running Water Sm TE035601

Running Water SmallB TE035602

Foley Props

Belches Quick Low Ton TE035701

Belches Slow Low Tone TE035702

Belches Med Low Tone TE035703

Belches Slow Very Low TE035704

Belches Slow Very Low TE035705

Blowing Nose TE035801

Brush Teeth TE035901

Male Coughs TE036001

Cartoon & Comedy

Fart Slow Low Tone TE036101

Fart Med Low Tone TE036102

Fart Med Low Tone TE036103

Fart Quick Med Tone TE036104

Fart Slow Low Tone TE036105

Foley Props

Male Gargling TE036201

Quick Kiss TE036301

Med Kiss TE036302

Long Kiss TE036303

Human Voices & Sounds

Child Laughgirl Evil TE036401

Very Fast Laughwoody TE036402

Evil Toy Laughhallow TE036403

Foley Props

Male Urinating Toile TE036501

Male Urinating On Gra TE036502

Impacts & Crashes-Fights

Male Being Punched su TE036601

Male Being Punched in TE036602

Human Voices & Sounds

Female Screaming Ter TE036701

Female Having Orgasm TE036801

Female Having Orgasm TE036901

Male Female Moaning TE037001

Sound Effects Climax TE037101

Foley Props

Slurping Liquid From TE037201

Slurping Liquid From TE037202

Male Snoring 1 TE037301

Male Snoring 2 TE037401

Drinking With Loud Swall TE037501

Can Opening Fizz Pour TE037502

Liquid Pouring FromB TE037503

Cola Fizzing As It IsB TE037504

1 Quick Swallow TE037505

Impacts & Crashes-Glass

Large Amount Glass Br TE037601

Glass Being Dropped A TE037602

1 Window Square Being TE037603

1 Glass Jar Being Drop TE037604

1 Drinking Glass Bein TE037605

Impacts & Crashes-Metal

Reverberating Metal TE037701

Reverberating Metal TE037702

Reverberating Metal TE037703

Heavy Metal Impact TE037801

Heavy Metal Impact TE037802

Heavy Metal Impact TE037803

Hammer Hitting Horse TE037901

Hammer Hitting Horse TE037902

Hammer Hitting An Anv TE037903

Hammer Hitting An Anv TE037904

Object Landing On Lid TE038001

Heavy Object Landing TE038002

Impacts & Crashes-Wood

Large Piece Wood Hitt TE038101

Large Piece Wood Hitt TE038102

Breaking A Piece Wood TE038103

Breaking A Piece Wood TE038104

Dining-Bar & Restaurant BGs

Bar Ambience 30 Peopl TE038201

Coffee Shop Lots Move TE038301

Computers & Beeps

Office Interior Mach TE038401

Construction & Factory BG

Sawmill Ambience Lar TE038501

Dining-Bar & Restaurant BGs

Restaurant Ambience TE038601

Computers & Beeps

Fax Machine Receivin TE038701


Paper Hole Punch Punc TE038801

Punching Holes Paper TE038802

Computers & Beeps

Computer Printer Pri TE038901

Foley Props

Scissors Cutting Thi TE039001


Stapler Staples TE039101

Stapler Staples TE039102

Old Manual Typewrite TE039201

Modern Electric Type TE039301

Modern Electric Type TE039401

Modern Electric Type TE039501

Computers & Beeps

Xerox Machine Copyin TE039601


Radios & Static

Radio Tuning Various TE040101

Radio Tuning Various TE040102

Radio Tuning SWave TE040201

Police Radio Voices TE040301

Police Car Radio TE040302


Rain Light Rain With Medi TE040401

Rain Steady Medium He TE040501

Rain Heavy Steady OnM TE040601

Rain Running Out Drai TE040701

Rain Heavy Echoey TE040801

Rain Medium Heavy Fal TE040901

Rain Very Heavy Stead TE041001

Rain Light Drizzly With T TE041101

Rain Light On Metal Ca TE041201

Rain Medium Heavy Fal TE041301

Rain Medium Heavy Fro TE041401


Police Siren Wailer TE041501

Police Siren Coming G TE041601

Police Siren Coming G TE041602

Police Siren Coming G TE041603

Sirens Close Perspec TE041701

Siren Police Wailer TE041801

Sirens High Low TE041901

Siren Yelper Short On TE042001


Baseball Hitting Mit TE042101

Baseball Hitting Mit TE042102

Baseball Hitting Mit TE042103

Baseball Hitting Mit TE042104

Baseball Hitting Mit TE042105

Baseball Hitting Mit TE042106

Aluminum Bat TE042201

Aluminum Bat TE042202

Aluminum Bat TE042203

Wooden Baton Meat TE042301

Wooden Batoff End TE042302

Wooden Batoff Handle TE042303

Aluminum Bat Knockin TE042401

Aluminum Bat Tapping TE042402

Aluminum Bat Tapping TE042403

Basketball Pick Up Ga TE042501

Boxing Gloves Hittin TE042601

Boxing Gloves Hittin TE042602

Football Kick Kickin TE042701

Football Kick Kickin TE042702

Golf Ball Hit W9 Iron TE042801

Golf Ball Hit W3 Iron TE042802

Golf Ball Hit With Iron TE042803

Golf Ball Hit With Iron TE042804

Golf Ball Hit With Wood TE042901

Golf Ball Hit With Plas TE043001

Golf Ball Hit W9 Iron TE043101

Golf Ball Hit W9 Iron TE043102

Golf Putt TE043201

Golf Putt TE043202

Golf Putt TE043203

Golf Putt TE043204

Golf Ball DroppingH TE043301

Golf Ball DroppingH TE043302

Skateboards Skate TE043401

Skateboards Skate TE043402


Telephones Electron TE043501

Telephones Rings Sta TE043601

Telephone Futzed Low TE043701

Telephone Futzed Hig TE043702

Telephone Dial Tone TE043801

Telephone Dial Toneh TE043802

Telephone Dial Tonem TE043803

Telephone Rotary Tel TE043901

Telephone Rotary Tel TE043902

Telephone Rotary Tel TE043903

Telephone Rotary Tel TE043904

Telephone Rotary Tel TE043905

Telephone Rotary Tel TE043906

Telephone Rotary Tel TE043907

Telephone Rotary Tel TE043908

Telephone Rotary Tel TE043909

Telephone Push Butto TE044001

Telephone Push Butto TE044002

Telephone Push Butto TE044003

Telephone Push Butto TE044004

Telephone Push Butto TE044005

Telephone Push Butto TE044006

Telephone Push Butto TE044007

Telephone Push Butto TE044008

Telephone Push Butto TE044009

Telephone Push Butto TE044010

Telephone Futzed Bus TE044101

Telephone Futzed Pus TE044201

Telephone Futzed Pus TE044202

Phone Receiver Picku TE044301

Phone Receiver Picku TE044302

Phone Receiver Picku TE044303

Phone Receiver Picku TE044304

Phone Receiver Picku TE044305

Phone Receiver Picku TE044306

Telephone Futzed Tel TE044401

Telephone Futzed Tel TE044402

Telephone Rings Answ TE044501

Telephone Fast Forwa TE044601

Construction & Factory BG

Drills Electric Dril TE044701

Drills Drill Press Mo TE044702

Hospital Equipment

Dentist Drill Variou TE044801

Dentist Drill Steady TE044802

Drilling Tooth Vario TE044901

Drilling Tooth Vario TE044902

Dentist Drill Drilli TE044903

Dentist Drill Drilli TE044904

Construction & Factory BG

Grinder Grinding Met TE045001

Hammering Nail Wood TE045101

Joiner Wood Turn On St TE045201

Lathe Motorized Turn TE045301

Sander Motorized Sma TE045401

Sander Motorized Lar TE045402

Tools Band Saw Steady TE045501

Tools Circular Saw TE045502

Tools Chain Saw Short TE045503

Tools Hand Saw Cuttin TE045504

Tools Table Saw TE045505

Shaper Wood Shapes Wo TE045601


Train Short W Horn Blo TE045701

Train Quickly With BellD TE045702

Train On Board Perspe TE045801

Train On Board Perspe TE045802

Train Interior Passe TE045901

Train Horn Loud Echoe TE046001

Train Horn Freight Tr TE046002

Train Horn Freight Tr TE046003

Train Horn Freight Tr TE046004

Train Horn Freight Tr TE046005

Train Horn Freight Tr TE046006

Toys & Games

Train Horn Toy TrainT TE046007


Train Loud Long Steam TE046101


Car Sports Car Long Ve TE046201

Car Sports Car Medium TE046202

Car Sports Car ShortV TE046203

Car Sports Car Long Me TE046204

Car Sports Car Medium TE046205

Car Sports Car Medium TE046206

Car Sports Car Medium TE046207

Cars Doppler Horn ByF TE046301

Cars Horn Fast SpeedL TE046302

Cars Horn Medium Spee TE046303

Car Revs Loud Deep Rev TE046401

Car Revs Start Loud Sh TE046402

Car Revs Start ShortQ TE046403

Car Revs Loud Deep Chu TE046501

Car Revs Start Idle St TE046502

Car Revs Mid Size CarS TE046503

Car Revs Start Couple TE046504

Car In Long Fast Speed TE046601

Car In Long Decelerat TE046602

Car Short Slow SpeedS TE046603

Vehicle-Skids & Tires

Car Away Loud Chuggin TE046701


Car Away Start Idle Re TE046702

Vehicle-Skids & Tires

Car Tire Squeal Errat TE046801


Car Performing Maneu TE046901

Vehicle-Skids & Tires

Car Peel Out Quick Pul TE047001

Car Peel Out Quick Pul TE047002

Car Peel Out Small Car TE047003

Car Peel Out Small Car TE047004

Car Skid Fast With Sputte TE047101

Car Skid Short Medium TE047102

Car Skid Quick With LongS TE047103

Car Skid Medium Speed TE047104


Car Horn Honks Large C TE047201

Car Horn Honks Large C TE047202

Car Horn Honks Mid Siz TE047203

Car Horn Honks Small C TE047204

Car Horn Honks TE047205

Car Horn Honks Mid Siz TE047206


Traffic Jam Group Car TE047301


Windshield Wipers Me TE047401

Car Door Oc Small CarL TE047501

Car Door Oc Large Heav TE047502

Car Door Oc Large Door TE047503

Car Door Oc Large Door TE047504

Car Door Oc Large Door TE047505

Car Door Oc Large Door TE047506


Truck By Long MediumS TE047601

Truck By Long Fast Spe TE047602

Truck By Short Dopple TE047603

Truck Start Idle Stea TE047701

Truck Accelerate Shi TE047801

Truck Accelerate Shi TE047802

Truck Brakes Air Brak TE047901

Truck Brakes Brake Sq TE047902

Truck Brakes Pumping TE047903

Truck Brakes Pumping TE047904

Truck Air Horn Loud Bo TE048001

Truck Air Horn Low Pit TE048002


Motorcycles Honda Dr TE048101

Motorcycles Honda Dr TE048102

Motorcycles Harleyd TE048103

Motorcycles Harleyd TE048104

Motorcycles High Pit TE048105

Boats & Ships

Ship Huge Low Pitched TE048201


Stream 1 Small Trickl TE048301

Stream 2 Medium SizeS TE048401

Stream 3 Large Fast Ru TE048501

Stream 4 Large Very Fa TE048601

Waterfall 1 Medium Si TE048701

Waterfall 2 Large Gus TE048801

Waves 1 Medium Size Wa TE048901

Waves 2 Large Crashin TE049001

Water-Splashes & Sprays

Sprinkler Automatic TE049101

Splashes Small PlopL TE049201

Splashes Medium Size TE049202

Splashes Large Splas TE049203

Splashes Large Splas TE049204

Carnivals & Fairs

Video Game Arcade CUB TE049301

Video Game Arcade Med TE049302

Video Game Arcade Med TE049303


Bull Whip Quick Swish TE049401

Bull Whip Quick Swish TE049402

Bull Whip Swinging Wh TE049403

Bull Whip Swinging Wh TE049404

Bull Whip Sharp Crack TE049405


Whistles Hollow Airy TE049501

Whistles Police Whis TE049502

Whistles Police Whis TE049503

Whistles Police Whis TE049504


Zaps 1 Medium Pitched TE049601

Zaps 2 Small Cracklin TE049701

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