Opening Theme

Season 1

Ep 1.: "Show Me the Honey"/"Migration Vacation"

Ep 2.: "I Love the Nightlife"/"Oh Give Me a Home"

Ep 3.: "Many Ants Make Light Work"/"Nest Best Thing"

Ep 4.: "A Plan for Sand"/"Whale Music"

Ep 5.: "Flower Power"/"Snowman's Land"

Ep 6.: "Dress Up Day"/"Bathtime"

Ep 7.: "Tree's Company"/"Now You See Me"

Ep 8.: "The Rain Game"/"No Sssweater Is Better"

Ep 9.: "A Tale About Tails"/"Sticky Situation"

Ep 10.: "Night Lights"/"Go Snails Go!"

Ep 11.: "Flight of the Penguin"/"Let's Go Fly a Kite!"

Ep 12.: "You Should Be Dancing!"/"Batty for Bats"

Ep 13.: "Maps"/"Termite Towers"

Ep 14.: "The Lost Egg"/"Hold on Tight"

Ep 15.: "Jump!"/"Slow Down for Sloths"

Ep 16.: "Chasing Rainbows"/"Follow the Prints"

Ep 17.: "Reindeer Games"/"Along Came a Spider"

Ep 18.: "A Long Winter's Nap"/"The Tree Doctor"

Ep 19.: "Pick Your Friends"/"Finola's Farm"

Ep 20.: "Incredible Journey"/"Bamboozled"

Ep 21.: "A Teeny Weeny Adventure"/"I See Seeds"

Ep 22.: "Thump!"/"Squirreled Away"

Ep 23.: "Surprise Surprise!"/"A Howling Good Time"

Ep 24.: "Secret Super Digger"/"Pucker Up and Blow"

Ep 25.: "Sniff and Seek"/"Aye Aye!"

Ep 26.: "Trick or Treat"/"King Cecil the Seahorse"

Ep 27.: "Blue Feet Are Neat!"/"Reef Magic"

Ep 28.: "Digging the Deep"/"Puddle Puzzle"

Ep 29.: "Help with Kelp"/"Treetop Tom"

Ep 30.: "Minnie the Meerkat"/"Leaves"

Ep 31.: "Hooray for Hair"/"Ice Is Nice"

Ep 32.: "Be Cool"/"Elephant Walk"

Ep 33.: "A Sweet Deal"/"The King of Swing"

Ep 34.: "Spring and Summer"/"Fall and Winter"

Ep 35.: "When I Grow Up"/"Doing It Differently"

Ep 36.: "Super Cleaner-Uppers"/"Itty Bitty Water"

Ep 37.: "Amazing Eyes"/"Water Walkers"

Ep 38.: "Flutter by Butterfly"/"Pretty in Pink"

Ep 39.: "Stripy Safari"/"Wool"

Ep 40.: "Big Cats"/"Fanastic Flour"

Season 2

Ep 1.: "Jumping on the Moon"/"Sneezy Riders"

Ep 2.: "No Night Today"/"Fun in the Sun"

Ep 3.: "Bounce"/"Timmy Tippy Toes"

Ep 4.: "Inside Out"/"Hear Here"

Ep 5.: "Meet the Beetles"/"Tongue Tied"

Ep 6.: "Manatees and Mermaids"/"The Last Chocolate"

Ep 7.: "Tough Enough"/"How Cool Is Coral?"

Ep 8.: "Rumbly Tumbly"/"Planet Name Game"

Ep 9.: "Top of the Sky"/"Jiggle Bones"

Ep 10.: "Babies"/"Fast!"

Ep 11.: "Little Lemmings"/"Keep the Beat"

Ep 12.: "Gorillas in the Nest"/"The Tale of a Dragon"

Ep 13.: "Wrapper's Delight"/"Dive! Swim! Scoop!"

Ep 14.: "Paper Chase"/"A Polar Adventure"

Ep 15.: "Step This Way"/"Anything You Can Do"

Ep 16.: "Name That Sound"/"Fabulous Feathers"

Ep 17.: "Balancing Act"/"Marvelous Marbles"

Ep 18.: "Take a Walk"/"Cotton Patch"

Ep 19.: "Biggest Bird"/"Drum Di Drum"

Ep 20.: "The Skin I'm In"/"Fishy Washy"

Season 3

Ep 1.: "Whatever Floats Your Boat"/"Building Bridges"

Ep 2.: "Accidents Happen... If You're Lucky"/"Making Waves"

Ep 3.: "Pulling Together"/"Fact and Friction"

Ep 4.: "Shadow Play"/"Play Ball"

Ep 5.: "The Search for String"/"Mirror Mirror"

Ep 6.: "Opposites Attract"/"The Talents of Balance"

Ep 7.: "Who Can See the Wind?"/"Gravity Drop"

Ep 8.: "Nick's Cricket"/"Go With the Flow"

Ep 9.: "Design Time"/"A Prize Surprise"

Ep 10.: "Clever Levers"/"Going, Going Gong"

Ep 11.: "You're It"/"The Holes Story"

Ep 12.: "Bump Bump Bump Around"/"Snow Difference"


1.: "The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas!"

2.: "Dr. Seuss' Birthday Cat-ebration!"

3.: "The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Camping!"

4.: "The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Halloween!"

5.: "The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Space!"

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