Original 1985 Intro

1988 Intro

Ep. 1


"The Birthday"

Ep. 2


"Split Decision"

Ep. 3

"The Lucky Charm"

"Soap Box Derby"

Ep. 4

"The Last Laugh"

"The Show Must Go On"

Ep. 5

"The Forest of Misfortune"

"Magic Mirror"

Ep. 6



Ep. 7

"Mayor for a Day"

"The Night the Stars Went Out"

Ep. 8

"The Magic Shop"

"Concrete Rain"

Ep. 9

"Dry Spell"

"Drab City"

Ep. 10

"Wedding Bells"

"The Old Man and the Lighthouse"

Ep. 11

"The Cloud Worm"

"The Girl Who Called Wolf"

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