Ep. 1

"The Flyinator"


Ep. 2


"The Science Whatchamacallit"

Ep. 3

"The Candidate"


Ep. 4

"Lunch Lady"

"Love Stinks"

Ep. 5

"The Price of Fame"

"King Flear"

Ep. 6

"Rottingmuck Ranch"

"Bella Con Carny"

Ep. 7


"Le Termite"

Ep. 8


"The Hangout"

Ep. 9

"Slumber Party"

"Spelling Bees"

Ep. 10

"The Usual Insects"

"Sister Act"

Ep. 11


"Scum Bites"

Ep. 12

"The Big Score"

"Scare Wars"

Ep. 13

"Metamorpho Sis"

"Radio Free Buzzdale"

Ep. 14

"Those Pesky Roaches"


Ep. 15

"Hot for Tutor"

"Sick Days, Inc."

Ep. 16

"Scout of Order"

"Ant Mines"

Ep. 17

"Faking History"

"Bugs on the Brink"

Ep. 18

"Training Day"

"Honey Striper"

Ep. 19


"Best Best Friends"

Ep. 20

"Peskys Unclogged"

"Club Hopping"

Ep. 21

"Synchronized Flying"

"Roach Hotel"

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