The Bunjee Venture was Originally telecast on March 24 and 31, 1984, as a two-part animated episode of the Saturday morning ABC Weekend Special anthology.


"The Amazing Bunjee Venture" juxtaposes the Stone Age with the Modern Age in time-honored Hanna-Barbera tradition. Two 20th century youngsters, Andy and Karen Winsborrow, are accidentally transported back to the year 100,000,000 B.C. While dodging dinosaurs and surly cavemen, the kids find a loyal friend in the form of Bunjee, a lovable, orange-haired creature who resembles a flying elephant with suction cups for feet. Returning the courtesy, Andy and Karen bring Bunjee with them when they return to the present. Alas, Bunjee is hardly ready for modern civilization, and vice versa. Nancy Cartwright, later famous as the voice of Bart Simpson, is heard as Karen.

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