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October 4, 1961 – September 12, 1962

The Alvin Show is an American animated television series that aired on CBS from October 4, 1961 to September 12, 1962. It is the first series to feature the singing characters Alvin and the Chipmunks. The Alvin Show aired for one season in prime time and was originally sponsored by General Foods (Jell-O, Post cereals). The series was initially telecast in black and white, due to CBS being unable to broadcast in color until the fall of 1965 (which is when the show began being rerun in color.)


This was The Chipmunks' first television series. It starred David Seville, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, with Ross Bagdasarian Sr. doing their voices (sped up for the Chipmunks, of course). It also featured two unusual scientists; Clyde Crashcup (Shep Menken) and his silent assistant, Leonardo.

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NOTE: The show mainly use Rocky and Bullwinkle sound effects with a few Hanna-Barbera sound effects only in a few episodes.

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