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The Adventures of T-Rex (T-レックス (T-rekkusu)) is an Japanese-American animated TV series that aired in syndication from 1992 to 1993 in North America. The show features five musical Tyrannosaurus brothers who played to sold-out crowds as a vaudeville group for the Dragon company. The company was owned by the beautiful and wealthy Myrna. The band members were also secretly fighting crime as "T-REX," masterminded by Professor Edison. The show, an American/Japanese co-production between C&D (Créativité et Développement), Gunther-Wahl Productions and well-known anime producer Kitty Film, that lasted only one season.


Set in a world of anthropomorphic dinosaurs, brothers Bernie (blue), Bruno (pink), Bubba (green), Buck (yellow) and Bugsy (purple) were born with special powers to help fight crime. Each brother's special power was related to a specific part of their anatomy; Bernie's legs, Bruno's arms, Bubba's tail, Buck's mouth and teeth, and Bugsy's telekinetic eyes. In the day, they make up a singing group that perform at the Dragon Company in Rep City. The group rode out on their Rexmobile to battle "Big Boss" Graves, crime kingpin of Rep City, and his evil organization The Corporation which also consists of Little Boss, Adder, Madder, Shooter, Cuddles, Axe, and the Doctor. Kid sister Ginger was part of the singing group, but didn't know about her brothers' secret identities.

One of the show's other noteworthy elements was giving the T-Rexes imitation celebrity voices: Jack Benny, Art Carney, Bing Crosby, Humphrey Bogart and Jimmy Durante.

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This 90s cartoon show uses Hanna-Barbera, Warner Bros., Cartoon Trax Volume 1, Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, The Premiere Edition Volume 1, Series 1000, Series 2000, and Series 4000.

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