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Based on the memoir " I wrote about Fujio Akatsuka !! ", which depicts the 35-year exchange of Toshiki Takei , who was the editor in charge of the mangaka Fujio Akatsuka in " Weekly Shonen Sunday " ( Shogakukan ). A comedy-style movie that has been made into a movie with major adaptations and exaggerations. The director is Hideaki Sato, who will make his debut as a director . Starring Tadanobu Asano and Maki Horikita . After a new editor modeled after Takei (replaced by a woman in this work) took charge of Akatsuka, who had become a popular mangaka, and made a shocking encounter, she later placed full trust from Akatsuka. It is drawn until it comes to be taken. Characters such as Bakabon, Chibita, and Nyarome created by Akatsuka will also appear.

Release Date

April 30, 2011

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