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July 27, 2018

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies is a 2018 American animated superhero comedy film inspired by the television series Teen Titans Go!. It was released by Warner Bros. Pictures on July 27, 2018 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Teen Titans and the 5th anniversary of Teen Titans Go!.

The POST PRODUCTION sound services on this film were provided by Formosa Group; Todd Toon served as the Sound Designer/Supervising Sound Editor; Gary A. Hecker, Rick Owens and Paul Stevenson were Foley Artists; Sound Effects Editors Luke Gibleon & Greg ten Bosch contributed sound design; Charlie Campagna did Sound Effects Recording.

Though uncredited, Atlas Oceanic Sound and Picture provided POST PRODUCTION as well, including dialogue recording. TTG series sound designer Rob McIntyre served as a Sound Effects Editor and uncredited Sound Designer.

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