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Technicolor Sound Services (formerly known as Weddington Productions) is a post production sound services that was found by Mark A. Mangini and Richard L. Anderson. It contains some sound effects that were almost heavily worked with Skywalker Sound.

Some few Technicolor Sound Services projects and Weddington Productions projects are similar to Skywalker Sound. Technicolor's projects with Weddington crew don't involve as many Skywalker people as pre-Technicolor Sound Weddington projects. Weddington Productions was involved with Raiders of the Lost Ark as the sound editing facility/services, although they contributed sound effects, which is probably why a number of sound effects we consider Skywalker are also in Weddington projects. Teresa Eckton worked at both Skywalker and Weddington. David E. Stone was a sound effects editor for some Skywalker Sound projects, like Willow and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. David E. Stone was a sound effects editor for Speed (1994), which credits Skywalker Sound, but Skywalker only did the final mix and maybe foley/adr; David was a sound editor for Weddington Productions which may not be credited on Speed. Likewise, Technicolor was co-involved in sound post-production (in credits terms "sound editorial services") on Transformers (2007) with Skywalker Sound, and they both did sound design; this was before e2 was formed.

Weddington Productions was separate from Technicolor. Eventually, they formed a joint venture called Technicolor/Weddington. Afterward, Technicolor became where the Weddington Productions staff worked. Some years later, since Technicolor shut its sound division down, now those Weddington people who relocated to Technicolor are now relocated to Formosa Group.


Here are the list of sound designers who work here at Technicolor Sound Services. The complete team names can be found here on

  • David E. Stone
  • Mark A. Mangini
  • Michael Geisler
  • Richard L. Anderson
  • Stephen Hunter Flick
  • Teresa Eckton

Sound Effects Libraries

Here's are the sound effects libraries (namely The Odyssey Collection sound effects libraries) that are made by some other post production sound services, namely Pro Sound Effects.

Sound Effects Used by Technicolor Sound Services

Here's are the sound effects that are used by Technicolor Sound Services.

Sound Effects Created by Technicolor Sound Services

Here are some sound effects that were created by Technicolor Sound Services.

Partial Filmography

Here's an list of any other Technicolor Sound Services/Weddington Productions projects work. For example, some of the project works are uncredited sometimes.

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