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Taz: Wanted is an action-adventure video game released in 2002 for the PlayStation 2, the GameCube, the Xbox, and Microsoft Windows. The game was developed by Blitz Gamesand published by Infogrames. The game features the Looney Tunes character the Tasmanian Devil.


One fine day in Tasmania, Taz and She-Taz are enjoying a perfectly romantic day. That is, until Yosemite Sam comes along and captures the two of them.

He brings Taz back to Yosemite Park and Zoo, a park and zoo combination owned by Yosemite Sam himself.

But that's not all, Yosemite Sam plans to turn Tasmania to Taz Land, a amusement park and to show off She-Taz in a special feat in Gladiatoons. 

Taz breaks out of his habitat to try and save his girlfriend, only to wind up trying to take down posters that plastered up everywhere.

Can Taz thwart all of Sam's plans and rescue his girlfriend?

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