Pilot: "Bunny Love"

Season 1



"Ladies Night"


"Don't Be a Negaton"


"Mr. Grumpy-Pants"

"Dream Machine"

"Time-Police Pt. 1"

"Time-Police Pt. 2"

Season 2

"Best Friends Forever"

"Mayhem Donor"

"Lord Stingray Crash Party"


"Gay Wedding"


"Jailbot 2.0"

"The Budding of the Warbuxx"

"Superjail Grand Prix"


Season 3



"Uh-Oh, It's Magic"

"Sticky Discharge"

"Special Needs"

"The Trouble with Triples"


"Oedipus Mess"

"Planet Radio"

"Burn Stoolie Burn"

Season 4


"Last Pack"

"Jean, Paul, Beefy, and Alice"

"The Superjail Inquisitor"


"The Superjail Six"

What Episodes Are These Shots From?

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