Soundeffects Wiki

Season 1

"How It All Began"

"My Brother's Keeper"

"The Flood"

"The Test"

"Here Comes the Bride"

"Double Trouble"

"A Dream Come True"

"The Miracle Rod"

"Those Amazing Trumpets"

"Pitchers of Fire"


"The First Christmas"

"Miracles of Love"

"The Best News Yet"

"Mother's Day"

"The Patience of Job"

"Big Fish and Little Fish"

"The First King"

"The Giant Killer"


"A True Prophet"

"Flaming Chariots"

"The Lion's Den"

"Nehemiah and the Walls of Jerusalem"

"The Beauty Queen"

"The Mighty Convert"

Season 2

"Where, Oh Where..."

"Hot Dog"

"The Test of Faith"

"Love at First Sight"

"Father's Pet"

"All About Dreams"

"The Hostage"

"The Family Reunion"

"A Gift From Heaven"

"The Burning Bush"

"No More Plagues"

"So You Want To Go Back To Egypt!"

"Snakes and a Donkey"

"Worth Fighting For"

"The Good Left Arm"

"Stick In The Mud"

"That's A Promise"

"Just Rewards"

"A Wonderful Gift"

"The Mighty Little Shepherd"

"The Bigger They Come"

"Faithful and True"

"David the King"

"In All His Glory"

"The Wicked Queen"

"A Matter of Time"