Soundeffects Wiki


Season 1

Ep. 1

"Big Foot"

"The Ice Demon"

"The Make-Up Monster"

Ep. 2

"Journey into Blackness"

"The Cycle Gang"

"Dive to Disaster"

Ep. 3

"Yuna the Terrible"

"Rock and Roll Space Bandits"

"Elevator to Nowhere"

Ep. 4

"One Small Step for Mars"

"Haunted House"

"The Incredible Crude Oil Monster"

Ep. 5

"Voodoo Vampire"

"Invasion of the Gleeks"

"Mxyzptlk Strikes Again"

Ep. 6

"The Man in the Moon"

"Circus of Horrors"

"Around the World in 80 Riddles"

Ep. 7

"Termites from Venus"


"Return of Atlantis"

Ep. 8

"The Killer Machines"

"Garden of Doom"

"Revenge of Bizarro"

Season 2

Ep. 1

"The Outlaws of Orion"

"Three Wishes"


Ep. 2

"Mxyzptlk's Flick"

"The Sink Hole"

"The Alien Mummy"

Ep. 3

"The Evil from Krypton"

"The Creature from the Dump"

"The Aircraft Terror"

Ep. 4

"The Lava Men"


"The Warlord's Amulet"

Ep. 5

"The Iron Cyclops"

"Palette's Perils"


Ep. 6

"The Stowaways from Space"

"The Scaraghosta Sea"

"The Witch's Arcade"

Season 3: The "Lost" Season

Ep. 1

"Mxyzptlk's Revenge"

"Roller Coaster"

"Once Upon a Poltergeist"

Ep. 2


"Two Gleeks Are Deadlier Than One"

"Bulgor the Behemoth"

Ep. 3

"The Krypton Syndrome"

"Invasion of the Space Dolls"

"Terror on the Titanic"

Ep. 4

"Revenge of Doom"

"A Pint of Life"

"Day of the Dinosaurs"

Ep. 5

"Return of the Phantoms"

"Bully for You"


Ep. 6

"Prisoners of Sleep"

"An Unexpected Treasure"

"The Malusian Blob"

Ep. 7

"Attack of the Cats"

"One Small Step for Superman"

"Video Victims"

Ep. 8

"Playground of Doom"

"Space Racers"

"The Recruiter"