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Super Elf Bowling is a the fourth game in the Elf Bowling series, is a remake and updating of Elf Bowling.


In addition to all the features of Elf Bowling, there are new items. Next to bowling to get your best score, you can play against the computer or another person. You can now select what lanes to play on, with your choices being Ice Alley, Toy Factory, Candy Factory, Cruise Ship, Rooftop or Hockey Rink. You can play with the same controls as in Elf Bowling or select Super Elf Bowling, where you center the ball with the mouse then use the movement of the mouse to throw or Slingshot, where there is a rubber band across the lane and you use that to send the ball down the lane. You can bowl with Santa or select Mrs. Kringle, Dingle Kringle, Elly Fay Elf, Elliot Elf or a custom bowler, each with varying levels of skill. It is, otherwise, a normal bowling game, where you try to knock down as many pins, I mean, elves, in each frame, with two throws per frame. The maximum score is still three-hundred.

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