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Pilot Episode

Season 1

"Fish Out Of Water"

"A Stitch in Time"

"Vanishing Violets"

"Babysitter Blues"

"Hair Today Gone Tomorrow"

"Pop Goes the Garden"

"The Berry Best You Can Bee"

"Strawberry's House Pest"

"Berry Bitty World Record"

"Too Cool For Rules"

"Berry Best BerryFest Princess"

"Strawberry's Berry Big Parade"

"The Berry Best Choice"

"Nothing to Fear But Berries Themselves"

"Where Oh Where Has My Blueberry Gone?"

"Manners Meltdown"

"Trading Sizes"

"Different Waltz for Different Faults"

"Happy First Frost"

"A Circle of Friends"

"GlimmerBerry Ball"

"Nice as Nails"

"How You Play the Game"

"Good Citizens Club"

"Team For Two"

"Lost and Found"

Season 2

"The Berry Big Harvest"

"Room At the Top"

"Starlight, Star bright"

"Practice Makes Perfect"

"Top Talent"

"A Star is Fashioned"

"No Blueberry is an Island"

"Where The Berry Breeze Blows"

"The Berry Best Vacation"

"The Berry Long Winter"

"The Big Freeze"

"On Ice"

"On The Road"

Season 3

"A Boy and His Dogs"

"Partners in Crime"

"The Mystery of the Disappearing Dog Show"

"Snowberry and the Seven Berrykins"

"Berryella and Prince Charming"

"The Littlest Berrykin"

"The Berry Big Relay Race"

"The Berry Best Treasure"

"The Berry Scary Fun Adventure"

"The Berry Lucky Day"

"All Dogs Allowed"

"A Basket of Blue Berries"

"The Berry Biggest, Berry Baddest Bakeoff"

Season 4

"Berry Double Trouble"

"Berry Bitty Adventurer"

"High Tech Drama"

"A Berry Merry Birthday"

"Tell Tale Trio"

"Berry Big Tale-Teller"

"The Berry Bitty Great Race"

"The Berry Best Taste Test"

"The Berry Best Biscuit"

"Hot Sauce Cook Off"

"The Berry Bitty Dance Disaster"

"The Doggie Dance No-Show"

"Dance Puppy Dance"