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December 26, 1957

Stopover Tokyo is a 1957 American Color by Deluxe film noir crime film directed by Richard L. Breen and starring Robert Wagner, Joan Collins, Edmond O'Brien and Ken Scott. Filmed in Japan in CinemaScope, the film is set in Tokyo and follows a US counterintelligence agent working to foil a communist assassination plot.

The film is based very loosely on the final Mr. Moto novel by John P. Marquand. The biggest change is that Mr. Moto is entirely cut from the film.

It was the sole feature film directed by Breen, an Academy Award-winning screenwriter.


In the post-World War II years, the United States and Japan make efforts to strengthen their friendship and to become allies against the Communist threat exacerbated by the on-set of the Cold War. Famous Japanese sculptor Matsura (Tatsuo Saitô) creates a new sculpture symbolizing the growing friendship between Japan and the United States. The memorial features an eternal flame. The U.S. High Commissioner to Japan (Larry Keating) is given the honor and he agrees to light the monument's eternal flame. The Communist spy network in Japan sees an opportunity to sabotage the ceremony and to attempt to assassinate the U.S. High Commissioner. Communist Agent George Underwood (Edmond O'Brien) is entrusted with this task. At the same time, U.S. Intelligence officer Mark Fannon (Robert Wagner) makes a stopover in Tokyo while on a flight to South Korea. Due to the fact that he's lacking the mandatory Letter of Entry in order to enter or transit Japan, Fannon requests and receives the assistance...

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