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March 27, 2015 - May 19, 2019

Star vs. the Forces of Evil is a Disney Television Animation project created by Daron Nefcy. Special sound effects are designed by score composer Brian H. Kim, but the Post-Production Sound Service, uncredited as is usual with Disney TVA projects, is, typically, Advantage Audio. Robert Poole II handled the sound design for the first season; Heather Olsen designed sound for the rest of the series. J. Lampinen performed the foley.

The style of sound design is naturally very quiet, as is common with many Advantage Audio projects these days, rarely exercising the use of cartoon sound effects, which may seem unorthodox to the show; despite the visual design/animation.


Follows Star Butterfly, a young woman from Mewni, trying to learn balance and control of her magic wand on Earth with her best friend, Marco Diaz, amidst fighting monsters.

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