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Microsoft Windows: February 17, 1998

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith is an expansion pack for the 1997 first-person shooter Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, developed and published by LucasArts for Microsoft Windows in 1998. It was later re-released on Steam in September 2009. The expansion includes a new single-player story mode and fifteen multiplayer maps. The single-player story, set in the fictional Star Wars expanded universe five years after the events of Dark Forces II, follows both returning protagonist Kyle Katarn, a Jedi Master and mercenary working for the New Republic, and Mara Jade, a character featured in numerous Star Wars expanded universe works, who is being trained by Katarn in the Jedi arts. After Katarn goes missing while investigating an ancient Sith temple, Jade continues her studies on her own while undertaking missions from the New Republic, eventually leaving to find Katarn.

Mysteries of the Sith uses the same game enginge as Dark Forces II, the Sith engine, but features several technical improvements, including colored lighting, new textures and models, and better artificial intelligence. The expansion puts more emphasis on lightsaber combat and Force powers, introduced in Dark Forces II. The multiplayer mode allows up to eight players to play online or over a local area network.

Upon release, the expansion received mixed to positive reviews. Critics praised its story and AI improvements, but felt there was room for additional improvements and criticized its inconsistent difficulty and certain gameplay elements. It was followed by Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast in 2002, the next main installment in the Jedi Knight series.

Skywalker Sound probably provided Sound Post-Production services, which was left uncredited. D.E. Levison is the Sound Designer.


Mysteries of the Sith starts with Kyle Katarn from Jedi Knight and Dark Forces battling his way onto an asteroid that is being used by the Empire to attack a rebel outpost, set in the year 10 ABY, six years after Return of the Jedi and five years after Dark Forces II. Kyle then leaves and the focus shifts to his apprentice, Mara Jade, who completes several missions for the rebels before setting out to locate the missing Kyle.

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