Star Wars: X-Wing

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February 1993

Star Wars: X-Wing is a space simulation video game, the first of the X-Wing combat flight simulation games series. The player's character flies starfighters, including the eponymous X-wing, for the Rebel Alliance as part of a narrative that precedes and parallels the events of the original Star Wars film.

Designed by Lawrence Holland and Edward Kilham's Totally Games for LucasArts, X-Wing was one of the first games to use 3D polygon graphics for spaceships and the first non-adventure game to use the iMUSE music system. The game was updated and re-released several times, and was followed by three sequels. X-Wing was a best-seller and received critical acclaim.

The Audio Post-Production Services were provided by Skywalker Sound; with Ben Burtt as the original sound designer, uncredited. Clint Bajakian and Robin Goldstein are the Sound Effects Editors, since it's possible that they did the sound at LucasArts.


Be a Rebel pilot during the Galactic Civil War. Fly the most famous Star Wars starfighters in furious battles against Imperial pilots.

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