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October 9, 1997

Star Wars: Jedi Knight and the Dark Forces (mistakenly billed as Star Wars: Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight in its theatrical release poster) is a 1997 computer-animated epic space opera film written by Lisa Ginsburg and directed by Scott Ewers, based on the Star Wars: Jedi Knight video game series by LucasArts. It was the second photorealistic computer-animated feature film and the most expensive video game-inspired film until the release of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. The film features the voices of Jason Court and Angela Harry as Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors respectively, and focuses on Katarn, a former Imperial officer who becomes a mercenary working for the Rebel Alliance and later a Jedi.

Industrial Light & Magic rendered the film using some of the most advanced processing capabilities available at the time. A render farm of 960 workstations was tasked with rendering each of the film's 141,964 frames. It took a staff of 200 about a year to complete Jedi Knight and the Dark Forces.

Produced by Industrial Light & Magic for Lucasfilm and Lucasfilm Feature Animation in association with A.P.P.P. and TVE Animación, the film was released in the United States by 20th Century Fox on October 9, 1997, to generally positive reviews from critics and fans, who praised the animation, action sequences, story and voice performances. The film was a box-office success, grossing $400 million against a $132 million. On the 70th Academy Awards, it was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Original Score and Best Sound Effects Editing.

Skywalker Sound provided Post Production Sound Effects Services: Christopher Boyes was Sound Supervision/Designer and an uncredited Supervising Sound Editor with Tom Bellfort and John A. Larsen. Dennie Thorpe & Jana Vance did foley, edited by Bruce Lacey, Marian Wilde and Sandina Bailo-Lape. Tom Myers did Additional Sound Design, and Matthew Wood did Assistant Sound Design.


After successfully retrieving the Death Star plans, mercenary Kyle Katarn is hired by the Rebel Alliance to uncover information about a secret trooper project the Empire has in development, then progress into becoming a Jedi knight, to stop a team of dark Jedis from taking the valley of the Jedi's power.

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