Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith is the video game adaption of Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005). Skywalker Sound provided post-production sound services: Cinematic Sound Designers include Brian Chumney, Aren Downie, Will Files, Al Nelson, and Stuart McCowan (uncredited); Mac Smith was the Cinematic Lead Sound Designer. George Peterson Jr. recorded foley by Ellen Heuer and Marnie Moore. Nick Peck was the Game's Sound Supervisor.

Special Thanks were given to Ben Burtt, Coya Eliiott, Erik Foreman, and Matthew Wood, regarding Skywalker's creatives.

Sound Effects Used

Hollywoodedge, Electricity Arcing 3 PE200301 (dubbed as "res_m05_sep_bridge_00088")

Hollywoodedge, Crash Metal Shatter PE110401 (included in files dubbed as "res_m09a_cor_temple_00104" and "res_u112_mus_lava_00062")

Hollywoodedge, Lightning 08 CloseG SIG012601 (dubbed as "res_u108_cor_palpatine_02_00010")

Lightsaber Sound

Looney Tunes Explosion Sound 3 (dubbed as "res_u106_uta_gbg_00054" and "res_u106_uta_gbg_00055")

SKYWALKER, ELECTRICTY - PULSE SHRIEK 01 (dubbed as "res_u106_uta_gbg_00106")

SKYWALKER, EXPLOSION - BIG CRUNCH (used for AT footsteps, files "res_m11a_uta_order66_00144-00147")

SKYWALKER, EXPLOSION - BIG, SHORT, DRY BLAST (dubbed as "res_u113_cor_yoda_00044")

SKYWALKER EXPLOSION 07 (included in files dubbed as "res_u106_uta_gbg_00080", "res_u106_uta_gbg_00105", "res_u106_uta_gbg_00105")

SKYWALKER EXPLOSION 08 (included in file dubbed as "res_u106_uta_gbg_00059")

SKYWALKER, FIRE - FLAMES QUICK ROAR BY WITH WHISTLE (included in files dubbed as "res_m05_sep_bridge_00089", "res_m09a_cor_temple_00110", )

SKYWALKER, METAL - BIG, SHORT CRASH (included in file dubbed as "res_m11a_uta_order66_00148")

SKYWALKER GLASS, SMASH - LARGE WINDOW CRASH 02/SKYWALKER, METAL - WEIRD CLANK (dubbed as "res_u103_sep_throneroom_01_00009")

SKYWALKER HIGH-PITCHED POW SOUND (heard in files dubbed as "res_u105_sep_escort_00094", "res_u106_uta_gbg_00113")

SPACE LIGHTNING 01 (Used in file dubbed as "res_u106_uta_gbg_00114")

Sound Ideas, ELECTRICITY, SPARK - HIGH VOLTAGE SPARK, ELECTRICAL 02 (included in files dubbed as "res_m02a_sep_generators_00111", "res_m06b_uta_controlroom_00088", "res_m11a_uta_order66_00121", "res_u112_mus_lava_00105", "res_u112_mus_lava_00159")

Sound Ideas, ELECTRONIC - MAGICAL SWISH 03 (heard in file dubbed "res_u106_uta_gbg_00012")

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