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Stanley, the Ugly Duckling, a.k.a. Stanley, is an animated American television special that was produced by Fine Arts Films and aired on May 1, 1982 as part of ABC's Weekend Special lineup. It is loosely based on the 19th-century fairy tale The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen.


A modernized take on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, this follows the story of an ugly duckling who leaves his family and tries to make friends with other animals but is rejected because of his ugliness. However, he meets and befriends a loner fox named Nathan, who takes him under his wing despite preferring to be alone. The non-duckling, now named Stanley, later mistakenly joins a sinister motorcycle gang called Hell's Eagles, led by Eagle One, but unfortunately, the eagles capture Nathan in a plan to turn him into dinner and have him tied up, making Stanley realize his mistake. Unable to rescue his fox friend, Stanley meets a group of pelicans who help him fight off the eagles, and after saving Nathan, he learns a lesson that he must like his own looks and not despise them.

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