Ep 1.: "Cave Dwelling Sponge"/"The Clam Whisperer"

Ep 2.: "Spot Returns"/"The Check-Up"

Ep 3.: "Spin the Bottle"/"There's a Sponge in My Soup"

Ep 4.: "Man Ray Returns"/"Larry the Floor Manager"

Ep 5.: "The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom"

Ep 6.: "No Pictures, Please"/"Stuck on the Roof"

Ep 7.: "Krabby Patty Creature Feature"/"Teacher's Pests"

Ep 8.: "Sanitation Insanity"/"Bunny Hunt"

Ep 9.: "Squid Noir"/"ScavengerPants"

Ep 10.: "Cuddle E. Hugs"/"Pat the Horse"

Ep 11.: "Chatterbox Gary"/"Don't Feed the Clowns"

Ep 12.: "Old Man Patrick"/"Grandmum's the Word"

Ep 13.: "Drive Happy"/"Fun-Sized Friends"

Ep 14.: "Doodle Dimension"/"Move Your Bubble Bass"

Ep 15.: "High Sea Diving"/"Bottle Burglars"

Ep 16.: "My Leg!"/"Ink Lemonade"

Ep 17.: "Shopping List"/"Mustard O' Mine"

Ep 18.: "Whale Watching"/"The Krusty Cleaners"

Ep 19.: "Patnocchio"/"ChefBob"

Ep 20.: "Library Cards"/"Plankton Paranoia"

Ep 21.: "Surf n' Turf"/"Call the Cops"

Ep 22.: "Goons on the Moon"

Ep 23.: "Appointment TV"/"Karen's Virus"

Ep 24.: "The Night Patty"/"The Grill is Gone"

Ep 25.: "Bubbletown"/"Girls Night Out"

Ep 26.: "Squirrel Jelly"/"The String"

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