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Ep. 1

"Bowled Over"

"Stuck Together"

Ep. 2

"No Play For Princess"

"Cleaning Up"

Ep. 3



Ep. 4

"Fairly Odd Princesses"

"Brothers in Farms"

Ep. 5


"Two Arms Joe"

Ep. 6

"Honorary Freak"

"Come to the Dork Side"

Ep. 7

"Best Before Date"


Ep. 8



Ep. 9

"Stupid Means Never Having To Say I'm Sorry"

"Cube Whacked"

Ep. 10

"Fuzzy's Great Journey"


Ep. 11

"Promises, Promises"

"There Will Be Stomp"

Ep. 12

"Taste of Friendship"

"Sugar Low"

Ep. 13


"Marzipan Meadows and the Kingdom of Adventure"

Ep. 14

"Livin' La Vida Lava"

"Mo' Mayo, Mo' Problems"

Ep. 15

"Walkie–Talkie Spinesuckie"

"My Fair Sharkbunny"

Ep. 16

"The Mutants Who Cried Monster"


Ep. 17

"Pork Chop"

"Same Difference"

Ep. 18

"Masters and Minions"

"Follow Your Dreamworms"

Ep. 19

"Nightmare on Condemned Street"

"Whirrel Call"

Ep. 20

"It's Nobody's Cult But Mine"

"Stomach on Strike"

Ep. 21

"Sgt. Snuggums"

"Living Hellp"

Ep. 22

"Mole–sters In The Mist"


Ep. 23

"Yetis Don't Care About Nothin'"

"Clones Don't Care 'Bout Nothin' Either"

Ep. 24

"Griddle Attraction"

"The Count of Pinchy Crabbo"

Ep. 25

"Mr. Wrinkles in Time"

"Bite, Shuffle, and Moan"

Ep. 26

"One Joe Wingus"

"Poosh and the Quest for the Blargy Parble"

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