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Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, Wii, Xbox 360
NA: October 2, 2007
AU: October 10, 2007
EU: October 12, 2007
PlayStation Portable
NA: October 2, 2007
AU: October 31, 2007
EU: November 2, 2007

Spider-Man: Friend or Foe is a 2007 action-adventure beat 'em up video game, based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man. The game borrows characters and designs from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, with a plot that is non-canon to the films. It features two player co-op gameplay, where one player controls Spider-Man and another one of his allies. The storyline of the game revolves around P.H.A.N.T.O.M.s, dangerous creatures created by mixing symbiotes with holographic technology, which a mysterious villain plans to use to take over the world. This villain has also captured and brainwashed many of Spider-Man's foes to help him acquire meteor shards that will strengthen his army. After being recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D., Spider-Man journeys across the globe to retrieve these shards himself and recruit more allies to his cause.

According to the company report, Friend or Foe is a unique take on the film trilogy. The game reinterprets the films' moments and battles with a humorous twist, while allowing players to team up with famous heroes from the Marvel Universe to defeat villains in epic boss battles, whom they then convert into sidekicks that accompany them for the rest of their journey. The game was published by Activision for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation Portable in October 2007.


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