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Speed 3: Mansion Massacre is a 1999 buddy cop action comedy thriller film directed by Jan de Bont, and starring Keanu Reeves, Jason Patric, Dennis Hopper, Sandra Bullock, Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman, Íngrid Rubio, Nerea Alfonso, Rie Kugimiya, Junji Majima, Norberto Díaz and Ricardo Darín. It is a sequel to Speed 2: Cruise Control and the third installment in the Speed film series, as well as the American-Japanese-Argentinian co-production with Pocky Prunce Productions, OLM, Inc. and Aries Cinematográfica Argentina.

The film was released by 20th Century Fox on September 20, 1999, to mixed reviews. The film was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Cinematography, Best Sound and Best Sound Effects Editing. Despite the mixed reviews, the film was a commercial success and earned more than $227 million worldwide, unlike its predecessor.


Two years after the events of Speed 2: Cruise Control, Officer Jack Traven from Cruise Control meets Officer Alex Shaw from the 1994 film during his trip on Six Flags at Baltimore, as well as their girlfriends Annie Porter.

The government of Japan subsequently orders Tokyo consul-general Yuriko Kasuga and security agent Kazuhiro Kasuga to warn both officers off the investigation; they are reassigned to protecting a New England-born comedian, Franklin Booker, after an attack on Jack and Alex's house.

Booker first meets Jack, Alex and Annie at a Hollywood hotel during a case where Japanese diplomats are smuggling yens into the United States. The duo are assigned to protect Booker from the diplomats as well as question him the details regarding their plans. They already show a disliking to his quirky personality and sense of humor, telling him to shut up and slapping his hands away from touching their guns. Booker even kids around with them mentioning everything in his room can be theirs and he can take the small room because he is shorter than both officers. He also tells them he laundered funds in half a billion dollars for smugglers and drug dealers in the past.

The "room service" arrives in Booker's hotel room and he complains when Jack, Alex and Annie take some corn dogs, with Booker wanting them first. Whenas the waiter approaches Booker, he pulls out a gun and was just about to shoot him, but Booker pointed it up. Jack and Alex charge at the gunman but pushes the cart and they, the gunman, and Booker fall 7 stories into a pool. Booker is momentarily mistaken for the gunman, who managed to getaway, as Annie delivered a few punches to his face, breaking his nose.

After being helped out of the pool, Booker, with his nose plugged with cotton balls to prevent it from bleeding any further, he is taken to Annie's home where he tells the duo how the process of his banking functioned with the diplomats. As he explains how they were able to get the money, he takes Jack's wet shirt out of the wash and dryer and hands it to him, only for Alex to realize it shrunk during the drying. When it's time to go, Booker asks if he can have a gun, to which the officers say no together, then Alex pulls Booker's broken nose out of fun.

Later that night, near the Hollywood Sign, Booker uses a calculator to figure out where Hollywood Burbank Airport is. Thanks to Booker's math, Jack, Alex and Annie locate the airport in no time, meaning that Booker has three tickets to Buenos Aires. To prevent the diplomats from finding out, the four go to the airport with their car and fly to Buenos Aires.

The next day, upon arriving to Buenos Aires, the four meet Lina Jurado and her daughter Claudia, as well as their longtime friend Jaymore Benjamin, in the airport. Then they go to their mansion by taxi. A few hours later, Jack, Alex and Booker are swimming in the pool, whilst Annie, Lina, Claudia and Benjamin find the pool "so beautiful and awesome".

Jack, Alex and his friends went to get some dinner at the restaurant. They had so much to eat, and Booker was full. After they ate dinner, they went back to their room, preparing to go to sleep. Their trip turns dangerous, however, when an explosion disables the mansion's communication system and it becomes clear that the mansion is under someone else's control. Jack, Alex, Annie and Booker must fight for survival as they discover that crazed Argentinian refugees Dylan Domínguez and Francisco Javier Morata are behind the chaos, as well as Yuriko and Kazuhiro Kasuga.

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