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Soundelux is an audio post production company based in Hollywood, California. Soundelux is currently a member of the Todd Soundelux group of sound companies. It was founded in 1982.


Lon Bender and Wylie Stateman founded Soundelux in 1982 focused on audio post production for the feature film industry. In 1991 they partnered with John Miceli, Tony Miceli and David Kneupper to create the Soundelux Entertainment Group to expand their business on the east coast and expand into the growing special venue industry. In 1992 Scott Martin Gershin partnered with Wylie Stateman & Lon Bender to create Soundelux Media Labs which eventually would become Soundelux Design Music Group (DMG) which was created to supply Sound design, voice Over casting, & music composition to the interactive entertainment industry. Together they all continued developing addition business units such as Showorks Entertainment, Modern Music, Soundelux DMG, The Hollywood Edge, MTS Cinema Services and Soundelux Microphones adding partners Kim Waugh, Per Hallberg, and Ken Statemen.

In November 1995, Jeffrey Edell, the Business Management partner at Duitch and Franklin, for Lon Bender and Wylie Stateman and Soundelux, joined them as CEO and helped integrate 13 separate companies into one consolidated group called Soundelux Entertainment Group. During his tenure and until the sale to John Malone's Liberty Media Group, the company grew to over $120M in revenues, with almost 500 employees at its peak.

On June 9, 2000, Liberty Media Group acquired the post production and sound business of Soundelux Entertainment Group for $90M cash, a deal that replaced one agreed to in July 1999 for stock then valued at $200M. The purchase excluded Soundelux Showorks & Soundelux Florida, the company's location-based entertainment and theater design businesses. These businesses were debt free at the close of the aquaisition and positioned for long term growth in an emerging industry. Tony Miceli departed in 2000 to explore new opportunities.

In 2001 John Miceli broke off of the remaining Soundlelux Media Group company and formed Technomedia ( to build on the immersive media experience business that was emerging.

The remaining business unit continued under the direction of Jeff Edell who assigned Phil Rafnson in charge of the Soundelux Showorks, Soundelux Florida group until its bankruptcy filing in 2002.

In 2002, Liberty Media Group rebranded itself as Ascent Media Group. The move was made to raise the company’s profile in Hollywood. At the same time, the company was split into three divisions: Ascent Media Creative Services, Ascent Media Network Services and Ascent Media Management Services. Soundelux is part of the Creative Services division, along with Todd-AO, Riot, Company 3, Method, Encore, Level 3 and POP.

In October 2008, the Creative Sound Services group broke away from Ascent Media Group and the Discovery Holding Company to create CSS Studios, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Discovery Communications.[4] The services of CSS Studios are marketed under the brand names Soundelux, Todd-AO, Sound One, POP Sound, Modern Music, Soundelux Design Music Group and The Hollywood Edge. CSS Studios maintains facilities in Los Angeles and New York.

On September 19, 2012, Empire Investment Holdings announced it had acquired CSS Studios, LLC.

In January 2013, CSS Studios announced it would rename the company as TODD-SOUNDELUX.

On May 21, 2014, Todd-Soundelux Filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection.

On November 17, 2014 the Todd-Soundelux Trademarks (Todd AO and Soundelux) and Copyrights (Sound Effects Library) were acquired in Federal Bankruptcy Court (Central District Case No. 2:14-bk-19980) by Rob Nokes of, Inc.


Soundelux offers sound supervision, sound design and sound editing for feature films. The company also boasts a library of unique sound effects that includes 400,000 original tracks.

Overseas Offices

Until 2010, Soundelux operated a facility in London. Much like its U.S.-based operations, Soundelux London was a sound design and editing facility. Eddy Joseph, the facility’s leading creative force, has been nominated for multiple BAFTA and MPSE Awards. His work on the James Bond film Quantum of Solace earned him an Academy Award nomination. In 2009, Joseph was awarded Best UK Film Sound Editor/Designer at the UK Screen Sound Awards.


Special Venue

  • Kongfrontation Universal Florida (1990 attraction)
  • Jaws Universal Florida (1990 attraction)
  • ET Universal Hollywood (1991 attraction)
  • Backdraft Universal Hollywood (1992 attraction)
  • Terminator 23D Universal Florida (1996 attraction)
  • Spiderman Universal Florida (1999 attraction)
  • Tokyo DisneySea (2001 area sound)


Soundelux audio professionals include:

  • Andrew DeCristofaro
  • Anna MacKenzie
  • Becky Sullivan
  • Branden Spencer
  • Dave McMoyler
  • Harry Cohen
  • John Miceli
  • Kelly Oxford
  • Lon E. Bender
  • Mike D. Wilhoit
  • Paul Aulicino
  • Peter Brown
  • Tony Miceli
  • Tom Bellfort
  • Victor Ennis
  • Wylie Stateman
  • Scott Martin Gershin
  • Paul Poduska

Sound Effects Created by Soundelux

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