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This sound effect can be found on The International Sound Effects Library, which was made by Sound Ideas. The title of this sound effect should not be confused with Sound Ideas, WHISTLE, STEAM - FLINTSTONE FACTORY WHISTLE, LONG,/SHORT, CARTOON. It was originally an Elektra Records sound effect. The sound was sourced off of a factory whistle in an industry plant somewhere in the United States. It sounds very similar to a train whistle from the Scottish steam engine Caledonian Railway #828 albeit in a low pitch.


  • First recorded: 1963
  • Creator: Elektra Records
  • Owner: Elektra Records (1964-1983), Network Sound Effects Library (1983-present), Series 1000 (1983-present), The International (1983-1992) Sound Ideas (1993-present)
  • Origin: United States
  • Year debut: 1966
  • First heard: ''Choo Choo Chase'' (a Go Go Gophers episode)
  • Area served: Worldwide

It's mainly used when somebody loses their temper and gets really mad/angry. But it can also be used for realistic factory whistles, sometimes as train whistles, and sometimes as boat whistles, as well. It can also be used when somebody eats really hot food.

It was originally an Elektra Records sound effect, back in 1964. Its earliest known usage is in ''Choo Choo Chase'' (a Go Go Gophers epsiode), and later, it would probably find its way into the TV Spots library, It was also first used in the Billy Joel music video, "Allentown", in September of 1982. It also appeared on TV bumpers. Its' first known usage of the sound was on a Disney Channel bumper called "Mickey's Scary Ride", first broadcast on October 24, 1987. It would later find its way into many TV shows as well, and its' earliest usage in TV shows, was the Bobby's World episode "Me and Roger", first broadcast on November 3, 1990, and would be used on other shows & cartoons, and the sound also made its way to other studios like Disney, Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures. It is often used in modern media today.

This sound was originally part of Elektra Records, Factory Whistle, as heard on the Elektra Records Sound Effects Library. Another version of this sound effect can be found on Classic TV Sound Effects Library, called Sound Ideas, WHISTLE, FACTORY - FACTORY WHISTLE BLOW TWICE. There are also more versions called Sound Ideas, WHISTLE, FACTORY - STEAM WHISTLE: TWO BLASTS, INDUSTRY 01 and Hollywoodedge, Factory Site Whistle PE275901. Also, it is used as the first sound in Hollywoodedge, Musical Boinks Whist PE941301.

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  • Cheetos Flamin' Hot Commercial (1999) (High Pitched)
  • Chuck E. Cheese (2019-Present) (Commercials)
  • Kool-Aid - Kool-Aid man V.S. Soda man Commercials (Heard once in "Baseball".)


  • Disney Channel ID - Scary Ride (Heard once in a high pitch.)
  • MTV ID - Frying Pan (Heard once in a high pitch.)
  • The Movie Channel Feature Presentation ID (1990)


  • Canter/Krask Industries (2013) (Logos)



  • Extreme - Little Girls (1989)

Music Videos

  • Billy Joel - Allentown (1982)
  • Thomas & Friends - Sounds (2004)


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