This sound effect can be found on Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends Sound Effects Library, which was made by Sound Ideas. It's a high pitched version of Sound Ideas, Vehicular - (Exterior) sound of tires squealing as car skids on pavement from the Network Sound Effects Library, which is also the skidding from AUTO, CRASH - LONG SKID AND CRASH from the Classic TV Sound Effects Library.


  • First recorded: 1930s
  • Creator: Standard Sound Effects (original, unaltered skid), Jay Ward Productions (high-pitched edit)
  • Owner: Standard Sound Effects (1930s-1959), Jay Ward Productions (1950s-1967), Sound Ideas (1993-present)
  • Origin: United States
  • Year debut: Late 1950s
  • First heard: The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show
  • Area used: Worldwide

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