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This sound effect can be found on Audience Reactions I Sound Effects Library, which was made by Sound Ideas.

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Used In

TV Shows



New Zealand:

  • Bluebird Snacker (2003)


  • Sylvanian Families Calico Critters School Commercial (2011)



  • Have a Very Merry Christmas at Toy Kingdom! (2015)
  • Trolli Gummi Candies! (2015)

Video Games


  • 4x4 Evo 2 (Unused, but can be found in the game's SOUND.POD file.)
  • TeachTown Basics

Xbox 360:

Xbox One:

PlayStation 3:

  • Just Dance Kids 2

PlayStation 4:



  • Just Dance Kids 2

Wii U:

Nintendo Switch


  • Ice Cream Trip
  • Pretty much any Happy Jump/Ice Cream/Poo game


  • Disney Junior - Ella The Elephant (2016) (Promos)
  • Nickelodeon Worldwide Day of Play (2015) (Promos)
  • Spacetoon Promos (Only for School Variants)
  • Teen Titans Go! Stop Bullying Speak Up Week Cartoon Network (2015) (Promos)


  • Gonoodle
  • Holiday Express (2009) (Videos) (Heard in "Henry's Lucky Day".)
  • Pull-Ups Big Kid Central: Potty Training Success (2009) (Videos)
  • Teach2Talk
  • If Juniors Tell Truth Vs. Lies Pancake Version (Heard once in "Just Like That!".)


  • My Little Pony: Pinkie Pie and the Ladybug Jamboree (2006) (Shorts)

Music Videos


  • Evermore - Hey Boys and Girls (Truth of the World pt.2) (2009)
  • Gorillaz - Sleeping Powder (2017)
  • Patylu - La Casita de Patylu (2010)
  • TWICE - CHILLAX (2018) (Heard once in a low volume.)
  • Lil Pump - Had (2016)
  • Michael Jackson - The Immortal Intro (2011) (Heard once briefly halfway through the song after when the guy says "Introducing the Jackson 5".)
  • Thomas & Friends - All You Need (2011)
  • TWICE - Likey (2017) (Heard 5 times in a low volume.)
  • Swae Lee, Tyga & Lil Mosey - Krabby Step (2020)



  • Gonoodle
  • Imagine Language and Literacy (Heard in the "Name That Word" game whenever you get a question right.)


  • Twice 2nd Tour: Twiceland Zone 2: Fantasy Park (Heard 5 times during the song "Likey" in a low volume.)
  • Twice World Tour 2019-2020: Twicelights (Heard 5 times during the song "Likey" in a low volume.)

YouTube Videos

  • ABC Land (Heard once in "Turbo Thomas | Dynamite Delivery Challenge | Thomas and Friends #87".)
  • Adum & Pals: 13 Reasons Why Season 4 (Part 2)
  • Annoying Orange (Heard once in "Annoying Orange Comedy Roast!".)
  • Baby & Lalin (Heard in the title sequence.)
  • Be Like Buddy Videos (Heard in the intro.)
  • Behind the Meme Videos
  • Bruno Bozzetto per il Goethe-Institut: Va bene?!
  • The Caddicarus Show
  • Catching the Moon read by Kevin Costner and Jillian Estell
  • Choo Choo Channel (Heard in almost every video except earlier 2015 videos and toy unboxings.)
  • Cupcake Kids Club/Cupcake Squad (Heard in some videos.)
  • Disney Toys Fanclub Series
  • Doc McStuffins Funny Story Series (Heard in the background whenever something happy happens.)
  • Dr. Wily (Heard once in "Evolution Of The THWOMP".)
  • Eh Bee Family Series (Heard in various videos such as "Me By Myself" videos.)
  • Fernanfloo Videos (Heard in various videos.)
  • Flashgitz
  • Funny Child Games
  • Guava Juice (Heard once in "JELLO BATH CHALLENGE!".)
  • I Am Lamb
  • I Am Ray
  • Inanimate Insanity II
  • Jack Sablich Videos (Heard once in "The 3,000 Subscribers Special".)
  • James Farr
  • JeepersMedia series
  • JeffMara
  • jlouvier (Heard in a variety of videos.)
  • JonTron (Heard once in "Foodfight".)
  • Kids Dream Toys (Heard in the title sequence.)
  • Kids Fun TV (Heard once in "Escape the Game Master! SuperHero Kids & Searching Abandoned Town Clue! Mysterious Project Zorgo!".)
  • Konas2002 Series (Heard in a wide variety of videos.)
  • Luigikid Gaming
  • MajorEngineStudios (Heard in some videos.)
  • McJuggerNuggets (Heard once in "Among Us in Real Life - $1000 Competition".)
  • My Singing Monsters (Heard once in "Dawn of Fire 1.4 Update!".)
  • Michael Rapaport Videos (Heard once in "Shame Game ft. Kevin Durant".)
  • Mihaya Gaming
  • Mr. R.'s Songs for Teaching (Heard 7 times in "Count By 5 Song: Holler it's Halloween!".)
  • Nico Laudano
  • Ninja Kidz TV
  • Oliver Street (Heard once in "Why did I do this to myself?".)
  • Perplexify (Heard every time he tells the viewer to like his video for good luck.)
  • Pinkfong! (May have been heard briefly in Sing Along and Dance with Fong??)
  • Princess Lollipop (Pre-recorded vocal version heard in "Learn Colors with PRINCESS LOLLIPOP as Candy goes in the MAGIC Machine".)
  • Pyrocynical
  • Quimic
  • The Reading Unicorn
  • Sandaroo Kids Series (Heard in a wide variety of videos.)
  • Shining Dawn
  • SMG4 Videos (Heard in some videos.)
  • SML Videos (Heard once in "Bowser Junior's Happy Meal".)
  • SomeThingElseYT
  • SquirrelStampede
  • StarRodMan (Heard once in "Kirby is a fucking monster".)
  • Steve Reviews (Heard once in "Steve Reviews: Animal Farm" and "Steve Reviews: The Adventures of Lolo The Penguin/Scamper the Penguin".)
  • Stories with Toys & Dolls Series
  • The Singing Warlus
  • TaterTits (Heard once in "SKODWARDE is Fed Up With iCarly".)
  • TerminalMontage
  • TheBandicamPerson2011
  • ThomasToyTrains (Heard once in "Thomas and Friends PLAYDOH Surprise Engine STOPMOTION World Strongest Engine ThomasToyTrains".)
  • Tom The YouTubing Tank Engine (Heard in some videos.)
  • Toys Unlimited Series/Nat and Essie (Heard in some videos.)
  • Trackmaster Toy Train Village
  • tomy fanclub (Heard in "The Great Race" videos.)
  • Train Ninja (Heard in the end of "World's Strongest Engine, Fastest Engine and Demolition Derby" videos when one engine wins.)
  • Trolli Philipines (Heard at the end of "TROLLI Gummi Candies!" after the singers sing "Trolli, Trolli, sing and dance with me".)
  • Victor Tanzig (Heard in some videos.)
  • WhitneyGoLucky (Heard once at the beginning of "10 Facts About Pegboard Nerds!".)
  • WSG Fun Channel (Heard in the "Engines Changing Color" videos when you find the Thomas & Friends and Chuggington engine's correct color.)
  • YTP: Oswald the Unlucky Octopus (ft. UglyBarnacle58)



  • Fisher-Price - Thomas & Friends: Birthday Wish Musical Push-Along Thomas Toy Train


  • One Spacetoon Bumper that had a little girl announcer when she says "Ogna"

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