This sound effect can be found on Series 4000 Hollywood Sound Effects Library, which was made by Sound Ideas.

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TV Shows

  • Connie the Cow (Heard once in "The Bird Who Did Not Know How to Fly", "Connie Wants to Be Different" and "Connie & Patch in Disguise".)
  • Grojband (Heard once in "Love in a Nethervator" and "On the Air and Out to Sea".)
  • Megaminimals (Heard once in "The Tasty Taste Test".)
  • My Life Me (Heard once in "Back to the Stone Age" and "Finding Neko".)
  • The Wonder Pets! (Heard once in "Save the Penguin!".)
  • The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss (Heard once in "There is Nothing to Fear in Here".)



  • My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Shorts (Heard twice in "Guitar Centered". The first instance when it was heard was when Pinkie Pie gives Rainbow Dash a yellow guitar at the beginning of Rainbow & Trixie's "shred-off", and the second instance when it was heard was when Pinkie Pie zips up before saying "No, silly! If you want it, you have to pay for it.".)

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