This sound effect can be found on The General Series 6000 Sound Effects Library, which was made by Sound Ideas.

Basic Info

  • First recorded: Around 1991 - 1992
  • Creator: Mike McDonough
  • Owner: Sound Ideas (1993-present)
  • Origin: United States
  • ​​​​​​ Year debut: 1993
  • First heard: Doom
  • Area used: Worldwide

This creature effect was created in around 1991 to 1992 by Mike McDonough, by mixing sound recordings of pigs or wild boars to thematically give the impression of a bone-chilling roar from a large monster. The first few seconds of the sound were used in retail versions of Doom in 1993, as an alert sound for the game's final boss, the Spider Mastermind (albeit higher-pitched).

By 1994 and onward, this has been used for various large creatures in some animated TV shows and movies, the most famous of which is often heard for Gyarados in the Pokemon anime. Though somewhat frequently used by some studios, this creature effect is not as used as often as the Sharptooth sounds (also from the same library), Jurrasic Park's T-Rex, Godzilla, and the King Kong roars.

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Used In

TV Shows



  • Coppertone - Powerpuff Girls (heard once in a low pitch, when Mojo Jojo appears in Blossom's thought bubble)

Video Games





Nintendo 64:

Nintendo Virtual Console:


  • Bionicle: Battle for Power (Commonly played when Makuta are defeated or when they combine with a Shadow Matoran.)
  • Doom (Used in a high pitch for the Spider Mastermind.)
  • Doom 3 (Heard as part of one of the Wraith's death sounds; somewhat obscured due to a sound design process.)
  • Gothic (video game) (Used as the molerat's death sound)
  • Quake II Mission Pack: The Reckoning (Heard briefly when Gekk take damage or are killed.)
  • Serious Sam 2 (Normal and reversed playback for ScorpSoldiers; very high-pitched)
  • StarCraft 2 (Only a tiny fraction of the scream is used to accent an explosion, when a structure is destroyed.)
  • Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (Heard once in a quicktime event when Grimlock is about to attack Shockwave; modified.)
  • Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (Heard when Quilboars get killed in battle)
  • X-COM: UFO Defense (A high pitched, reversed, and edited version is used for Mutons.)

PlayStation 3:

PlayStation 4:


Original Xbox:

  • Serious Sam 2 (Normal and reversed playback for ScorpSoldiers; very high-pitched)

Xbox 360:

Xbox One:

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