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Hello and welcome to the Sound Effects Wiki! This is the place to look up and discover all the sound effects and sound effect libraries used in movies, TV shows, commercials, video games, anime, etc.

If you're having trouble on finding a certain sound effect in a scene you are posting in the Image Galleries, either write in the description "What ___ sound is this?" or make a blog of it, and admins will help you.


Note: Only copy paste from Source Editor (not from Visual Editor), and please don't copy the nowiki sections highlighted in green.

Rules if you intend on contributing information

These certain rules below have been set by the admins of this Wiki, and they EXPECT them to be OBEYED.

  • First off, in response to events that occurred on this Wiki in the past, you are now required to log in and must be over the age of 13 before adding anything. Registering for a Wikia account is not hard!
  • Only message admins or users from this site and not on other Wikia/Fandom sites please. As it will tick off the admins of those sites, and will immediately remove them.
  • Do not put in fake or irrelevant information on this site please. In particular, you are not to add information to any upcoming films or video games until they are actually released - this website is not a crystal ball, we cannot predict whether or not upcoming media will use certain sound effects. And don't add any Aired On categories to films that were not released yet.
  • Don't put in fake sound effects libraries.
  • Don't put in the Aired On categories to films that were not aired on random TV channels, only for those that were aired on TV channels officially.
  • Don't rename pages that don't need to be renamed, especially sound effect pages.
  • Please add equals together and not spaced apart on a section you are making.
  • Please no bullet points on Image Gallery and Audio Samples sections, unless it's on an sound page that has the "Alpabetically", "By Episode", By "Library" etc.
  • Posters, title cards, or anything on media pages need to be on top of the description, not above.
  • Please add Also See sections above Sound Effects Used sections.
  • When adding a new page, don't forget to add categories to it.
  • Please do not add categories to pages that already exist. The obvious exception to this is if you need to add a piece of media whose category is not listed on the page. Also, franchise categories are not allowed on sound effects pages, as well as sound effect categories in media pages.
  • Anything that's not an actual sound effect (lines, quotes, voice actors or actresses, etc.) cannot be added. Only sound effects are allowed on this Wiki. (Stock screams, cries and laughs do count as sound effects.)
  • Don't add shots of fake titles in official media pages.
  • Porn and hentai anime are not allowed on this Wiki.
  • Studio logo jingles and fanfares are not SFX thus also not allowed on this Wiki.
  • Remember to add information, links, categories and images (in the Image Galleries) to BOTH the sound effects and media pages. Don't forget to add descriptions to the images, as well as putting the images in the SFX Image Galleries (not the media Image Galleries) in alphabetical order. (This will prevent admins from having to do them themselves.) Only upload images to the sound effects pages if they don't have media pages and make sure you add them into the Image Gallery correctly.
  • If you are adding so many images or audio files to a gallery, it's recommended to use the Mass upload tool in the Source Editor.
  • Don't add in links to pages on the Link your photo (optional) selection on the images in the Image Galleries. Images are used to click on to see the full size, not as a link to another page.
  • External links to other sites are only allowed to be in their own section on media pages, as well as in Clean, Full Length and Unedited Link to the Sound Effect sections in sound effects pages.
  • Don't upload duplicates of a screenshot or image that was already posted on this site.
  • Please don't add the posters or non-screenshots from anything else in the Image Gallery, they should only be posted on top of the media pages.
  • Placeholders are not allowed to be on any sound or media pages.
  • Don't add shots to Sound Effects Used pages, they belong to Image Gallery sections and pages.
  • Any image or OGG file that has a thumbnail that's not visible or the file itself isn't visible (and fails to load) will be deleted permanently.
  • Please do not add comments to pages that just say where you heard the corresponding sound effects in. Instead, feel free to add the information to the pages themselves; you could probably do that in half the time it takes to type up a comment. These comments will be deleted on sight.
  • When adding an OGG audio file to the sound effects page, add it to the correct page.
  • If you only have a different audio file of a sound effect, you can convert it to an OGG file on this site .
  • You can either upload still images (jpg or png) or moving GIF images. And you can update the still images with GIF images if you want. Use GIPHY to make GIFs from YouTube or Vimeo videos. Use Gfycat for to make GIFs from Dailymotion videos.
  • You can either add an ogg sound effect file here on the Audio Samples in the sound effect pages, and/or link to the sound effect found on either or
  • Don't remove the ogg files from the Audio Samples, if you hate that sound, don't click on it.
  • No fetishes (especially stomach-growling ones) as they are NOT tolerated here.
  • In response to a huge number of complaints about SFX recently, please don't complain about a SFX you hate so much and/or add it in an opinionated category (e.g. "Sound Effects from Hell" and "Annoying Sound Effects"). If you feel the need to complain, do it here.

Some basic common-sense rules:

  • No harassing
  • No spamming
  • No complaining
  • No trolling
  • No vandalism
  • No sockpuppeting/block-evading (i.e. creating an alternate account) while your account(s) is blocked

Failure to comply to the above will result in a block (as listed below) and from then on the vandalized articles will be protected.

  • Not adding categories - Ranging from 1 week to 1 month.
  • Breaking Image Gallery rules or adding images incorrectly to a gallery - Ranging from 1 week, 1 month to 1 year.
  • Adding false information on pages - Ranging from 1 month to indefinitely.
  • Adding information to comments - Ranging from 2 months to 1 year.
  • Continuing your complaints about SFX you hate - Ranging from 6 months to 1 year.
  • Not having a visible avatar - Ranging from 3 months to 1 year.
  • Disobeying all of the rules - Blocked indefinitely.
  • Sockpuppetting/block-evading/creating an alternate account while your account(s) is blocked - Same block period from your other account but more time from your block-evading added.

And if you don't like getting blocked for making a slightest mistake in which WikiExpertXV hates, we recommend you go to the SFX Resource Wiki.

ENJOY! And remember, a quote from George Orwell's 1984: "Big Brother is watching you", and that would be the admins of this wiki. :D


The following users/sockpuppeteers listed are not welcome in this Wiki for all time for reasons below:

  • Kristopher Taylor: A fellow sockpuppeteer who still keeps coming back to this Wiki by creating sockpuppet accounts to disobey the rules after insulting and threatening WikiExpertXV. All of his sockpuppet accounts are already blocked. If he EVER comes back to this wiki again, we will have to haul in the heavy artillery, and we strongly mean it!
  • HiHiPuffyAmiYumiFan (Abby): An evil psycho UTTP (YouTube Troll Police) member/sockpuppeteer (who is a bit like Nate Spidgewood) writing general/death threat messages to the founder of this wiki (Santafefan94), planning to take over the Wiki, and complaining about SFX she hates.
  • Varga lajos/csani: A sockpuppeteer from Hungary(?) creating over 100+ sockpuppet accounts (including Sirhandelfan impersonation accounts) to add false information and disobey the rules. All of his sockpuppet accounts are already blocked.
  • Emily M. Flatley: A sockpuppeteer creating too many sockpuppets to add false information. Should this continue any further, we will get someone to globally block her from Fandom.
  • Pat Gamz (Patrick Joseph "Ricky" Gamble): A sockpuppeter from Australia who adds false information. All of his sockpuppet accounts are already blocked. We hope he will get arrested and rot in jail in real life!
  • Andy Breneman: A notorious sockpuppeteer who created hundreds of sockpuppet accounts to add false information and vandalize other Wikis. Many of his sockpuppet accounts have already been blocked globally.
  • Jacob Mills: A sockpuppeteer creating over 5+ sockpuppet accounts to disobey the rules, and especially in other Wikis.
  • Bobby King: A sockpuppeteer from Australia creating many sockpuppet accounts to disobey the rules. Many of his sockpuppet accounts have already been blocked globally from Fandom.
  • Draven Fuldauer: A user who has pressure on editing and adds false information in multiple media (e.g. Rubbadubbers, The Wild, Sitting Ducks, etc.).
  • Andrew obed hernandez: A user who keeps annoying another users about audio samples and false information he commented.
  • Camille Lulu Dias Marielle: A sockpuppeteer adding false information about anime.
  • Johnny Jankowski: A user who keeps adding back opinionated categories and adding "Make more..." comments.
  • Alex Hulen/Disneyman24: A user who keeps adding irrelevant categories.
  • Yvonne/Elijah Vincent "Eli" Kennedy: A sockpuppeteer who keeps adding fake media (e.g. "Eli;s drawing"), false information, and disobeying the rules.
  • Bunniewedge1998: A sockpuppeteer who keeps adding a fake TV show "The Flushed Away Show".
  • Jakup Rodriguez: A sockpuppeteer who, like Bunniewedge, also keeps attempting to add "The Flushed Away Show".
  • KimJongOon: Another disgraceful user who keeps insulting and threatening WhitneyGoLucky2003 and keeps making hate pages out of her and renaming pages in the WhitneyGoLucky 1.0 and 2.0 Wikis.
  • Maria Alexandra Voicu/Sobysobea: A fellow sockpuppeteer and a former K-pop fan from Romania who vandalizes other Wikis (including Logopedia, Lost Media Archive, etc.) and acts like Nate Spidgewood to abuse/threaten people.
  • Noah Alexander Johnson: A sockpuppeteer creating many sockpuppet accounts to disobey the rules. Many of his accounts have been globally disabled by FANDOM.
  • Lflan80521: A user who keeps disobeying the rules by not adding pages correctly, adds categories like satirical movies into movies that are not satirical, deletes comments from other users when we tell him that he's not doing it right for no reason, and his poster edits are terrible and covers up the release dates and replaces them with a white bar.
  • Oliverkeeble: A disgraceful user who keeps being entitled and throwing tantrums.
  • MissSonic (Samantha E. Ruderham): A disgraceful user from Scotland who throws tantrums over being blocked from this wiki.
  • Christopherdean1122 (Christopher Dean): A disobedient user who is known for creating useless, nonsensical pages and adding fake stuff.
  • Benbowen111 (Ben Bowen): A disobedient Vyonder who keeps adding false information, and who won't stop trying to correct other Vyonders and getting them to change a Vyond character's voice (for example, Elsa from Frozen's voice should be Bridget not Kimberly).
  • Justin Haffner: A user who keeps annoying users on our message walls to add false information for him.
  • Adam Porter: A sockpuppeteer creating too many sockpuppet accounts to disobey the rules, and especially in other Wikis.
  • Dylan Fagan/Sunitafagan: A disobedient user from Ireland(?) who doesn't add information to the SFX and/or media pages.
  • Dean Ortiz: A disgraceful user who adds false information and insulted/threatened an admin.
  • Aubrey Ramsay: A user who keeps adding false information to Craig of the Creek, as well as in baby sound effects.
  • S382218 (A.K.A Joethetaxi, GettyFanatic2005, Noahwalling2005, Matt Walling, and Babyeinstein2005): A user who keeps annoying another user about adding stuff.
  • Aidan B. Clark: A user who keeps adding false information after being told not to.
  • David Marlon Lawrence: A disgraceful user who insulted WhitneyGoLucky by sending grounded threats (which they do not work) and called her the kiko term (which these terms are overrated and overused) in the WhitneyGoLucky 1.0 and 2.0 Wikis.
  • Martin Darklight (A.K.A Mar1234tin, and Martinhedgehog): A user who keeps disobeying rules and removing content from pages.
  • Archive Entertainment (A.K.A GirlMeetsWorldDisneyChannel Fansite, PullingHairFan2001, The Pulling Hair Corporation) A little kid (because of its bad grammar) user/Disney bluff/YouTuber from Canada(?) who has a pulling hair fetish, vandalizes pages, and posts insulting/threatening messages to Trent98 and AlisaButterfly2014/Sarah Boucher. Also makes fake sign-off videos on YouTube and sometimes sends hate videos on YouTube, and worst of all, uploads video with porn on YouTube.
  • Thanos69587: A user who constantly adds false information, and he wouldn't even listen to what we're telling him.
  • Jegathambigai (A.K.A Nitharshana, Nitha20031007, and Jegathambigai06101977): A little girl (because of its bad grammar) user from India(?) who likes to constantly nag JAPD and Sirhandelfan2004 over what year a sound effect was recorded and asking both of them to unblock her, but that's not going to happen, most of the pages she edited were nothing but applause/cheering/crowd sound effects, and everytime we tell her to stop, she wouldn't even listen to what we're telling her.
  • Ffssseff: A user who insults Sirhandelfan by calling him a girl and also adding fake SFX pages and false information.
  • Super Matthieu Brothers: A user who keeps saying he will be retiring the site, but keeps coming back and breaking the rules.
  • Sirhandelfan impersonator
  • All impersonation accounts of admins and hate accounts of admins
  • Any UTTP (YouTube Troll Police) member
  • Nate Spidgewood (Nathaniel Edward Speed)


- From the admins of this Wiki

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