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January 31, 2012

Soulcalibur V (ソウルキャリバーV Sourukyaribā Faivu) is the sixth installment of Namco's Soul series of fighting games and was released on January 31, 2012 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in North America. It was released on February 2, 2012 in Japan and Europe. Digital editions were also released on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live on April 23, 2013.


The game takes place during the 17th century, 17 years after the events of Soulcalibur IV, with Nightmare's death by the hands of Siegfried. The main protagonist is Patroklos and the deuteragonist is Pyrrha, son and daughter of Sophitia and Rothion Alexander and nephew and niece of Cassandra Alexandra.

The plot consists of 20 chapters in Story mode.

It begins with the final confrontation between Siegfried and Nightmare in which Siegfried kills Nightmare.

Seventeen years later, Patroklos Alexander is seen fighting a group of villagers he considers being malfested. Without hesitation, he kills several of them until he is confronted and defeated by a mysterious stranger named Z.W.E.I.. Patroklos returns to Graf Dumas for his report and after he questions his master, he is shunned by him and forced to fight Voldo.

At the same time, Pyrrha is seen kneeling in front of several dead people, crying. She is joined by a satisfied Tira who compliments her on these killings. Forced to fight other villagers, she reluctantly kills them before she is informed by Tira that she has a brother.

Later, after meeting with Siegfried and being granted to wield Soul Calibur, Patroklos, accompanied by Z.W.E.I. and Viola, sets on finding his sister and the malfested who kidnapped her. After fighting Tira twice, Patroklos is finally reunited with his long lost sister. During their travels, in which Pyrrha shows some symptoms of malfestation, they are attacked by Astaroth and later by Voldo. During the battle with Astaroth, Patroklos is injured and Pyrrha is forced to fight Voldo. Later they meet Ivy who tends to Patroklos' wounds.

They arrive in a city where malfested are wreaking havoc. Graf Dumas is revealed to be a reincarnated Nightmare who used Patroklos, tricking him to think he was killing malfested while in fact he killed innocent human beings. Incapacitated due to his wounds, Patroklos is unable to fight his former master and once again, Pyrrha has to step forward and fight. She turns into a malfested and defeats Nightmare. A shocked Patroklos rejects her and runs away, while Tira reunites with Pyrrha, telling her she was right. Pyrrha acknowledges that Tira is the only person she can ever trust.

Patroklos returns to Seigfried where he tells Z.W.E.I. of Dumas' real identity. Left alone, Patroklos has a vision of an angelic entity looking exactly like his late mother Sophitia. She tells him that he must revive Soul Calibur in order to cure Pyrrha of her malfestation. Forced to fight Z.W.E.I., Patroklos comes to realize his true destiny.

He sets out on a journey to resurrect Soul Calibur, seeking the help of Ivy. She informs him that she came across a man named Kilik who had one of the artifacts necessary for the process, while the other one was detained by a women. Patroklos comes across three teenagers: Natsu, Leixia and Xiba who travel with Maxi. To prove his worth, Patroklos is forced to face them all.

After resurrecting Soul Calibur, Patroklos faces his malfested sister who was now the new host of Soul Edge. She had been wreaking havoc all around her. After he kills her and encases her into crystal, the entity, Elysium pretending to be his mother, Sophitia appears in front of him and congratulates him.

While this occurs, Siegfried and Z.W.E.I., along with Schwarzwind, fight the army of the malfested. Z.W.E.I. fights and defeats Nightmare, but he is stabbed in the back by Pyrrha and falls into the abyss, his fate left unknown. Pyrrha seizes Soul Edge for herself and opens a rift to the Astral Chaos.

Meanwhile, Patroklos questions his acts and he is confronted by Edge Master. Patroklos is brought back in the moments where he resurrected Soul Calibur, then confronts his sister again. Refusing to kill her, Patroklos is punished by Elysium who encases him in crystal.

Pyrrha regains her spirits and seeing her brother in crystal. She then took up Soul Edge and was able to overcome its will and she tries to break him free by chipping away the crystal.

In what appears to be another plane of existence of Patroklos' conscience, the entity, named Elysium, reveals herself to be the incarnation of Soul Calibur, tells him that she will use him to destroy the malfested in order to bring peace to the world. Breaking free of his crystal prison and realizing that it was never his mother guiding him, he fights and defeats her, then says goodbye to his "mother".

Waking up, Patroklos is once again reunited with his sister. Despite her being malfested, he is ready to accept her the way she is, just like their mother would have, and together, they banish both soul swords in the Astral Chaos and close the rift.

Pyrrha and Patroklos then depart together in the sunset.

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