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Soreike! Anpanman: Haus of Jam X Project Driller is an anime crossover film made by TMS Entertainment, VAP, and Bandai Namco Pictures.


The movie revolves on Susumu Hori and Puchi who lives in his home in Edogawa and Anpanman living in Uncle Jam's Bakery. Susumu, Puchi, Anna, Ataru, Usagi, Taizo, and Holinger-Z gets sucked up into a tornado, and Anpanman saves them. And they find a way to get them home. But Baikinman crashes the party and created a Baikin Drill Robo. Anpanman finds a way to get Susumu and his friends home.

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The echoed version of WB SHOTGUN BLAST 02.