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The kingdom of Märchenland (メルヘンランド, Meruhenrando, Saban: Jubiland), where various characters from fairy tales reside, is attacked by the evil King Pierrot (Saban: Emperor Nogo), who intends to direct its world to have its unhappy ending, but is stopped when the queen uses the last of her energy to seal him away. When King Pierrot's minions from the Bad End Kingdom (Saban: Shadow Realm) try to revive him by harnessing negative energy from the people of Earth, the queen sends the messenger Candy to assemble a team of five magical girls. The series follows the formation of the team and the adventures of the girls as they try to fight off their enemies to collect the magical tokens called Cure Decors (Saban: Glitter Charms) that will enable them to upgrade their powers and revive the queen

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February 5, 2012 – January 27, 2013

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