Soundeffects Wiki


Season 1

"Knights and Daze"


"I Stink, Therefore I Am"


"Skeleton Crew in Da House"


"To the Quiz Cave"


"Hoo Loves Ya, Baby!"

"Quiziatori Gladihost"



"Hooray for Bollywood"

Season 2

"Body Swap"

"Sports Academy"

"Space: The Final Souffle"

"Pre-School Problem"

"Trash Talk"


"Stop the Pop"

"Inside La Puck"

"It Could Be You!"

"I Spy, You Quiz"

"Out to Sea"


"Destination: Moon"

Season 3

"CJ's Birthday"

"Amusement Park"

"Follow that Quizblock"

"Style Trial"

"Pop Video"

"Quiz to the Future"

"Broke Charles"

"In Your Dreams"

"Unusual Suspects"

"Café Le Quiz"

"Host of Doom"

Seasonal Episodes


"Stoopid Santa"