Opening Theme

Season 1

Ep 1.: "Maxum Man Mark Two"/"To Party Perchance To Party"

Ep 2.: "Gone Gaga"/"Like Supervillan Like Son"

Ep 3.: "A Monster Headache"/"Days of Golly"

Ep 4.: "Ain't No Party Like a Maxum Brain Party"/"Hello Dolly"

Ep 5.: "The Amazing Super Chores"/"Maxum Mom"

Ep 6.: "Moustachesquatch"/"The Endless Summer"

Ep 7.: "Identity Crisis"/"Fart of Darkness"

Ep 8.: "The Bogey Man"/"Crudburger"

Ep 9.: "The Henchman Challenge"/"Family Fun Day"

Ep 10.: "Slime Spree"/"The Short List"

Ep 11.: "This Hour Has 22 Million Minutes"/"Halloweenie"

Ep 12.: "Eric Squared"/"Squawk"

Ep 13.: "Internal Affairs"/"Virtual Mayhem"

Ep 14.: "The Maxum Switch-eroo"/"Sleepless in Splittsboro"

Ep 15.: "Everybody is Side-Fu Fighting"/"Comic Book Zombies"

Ep 16.: "Beneath the Missile-Toe"/"Ice to Know You"

Ep 17.: "Ye Old Sidekick Village"/"News at 11AM"

Ep 18.: "Suit of Harms"/"Escape From Razzuma-traz"

Ep 19.: "Gloves On the Run"/"Drop the Needles"

Ep 20.: "Match Dot Com"/"Stupor-ize Me"

Ep 21.: "Teenage Mummies in Love"/"Henchman For a Day"

Ep 22.: "The Show Must Go On"/"Pamplemoose and Son"

Ep 23.: "Little Orphan Eric"/"Lights, Camera, Sidekick Action"

Ep 24.: "Shopping Spree"/"The Spark is Gone"

Ep 25.: "Four's a Crowd"/"Super Frenemies"

Ep 26.: "Maxum Brain, Interrupted"/"Wrinkle Resistant"

Season 2

Ep 1.: "My Brother, My Pimple"/"The Superest Day of the Year"

Ep 2.: "Love Fights"/"A Sidecar Named Desire"

Ep 3.: "Circus Jerkus"/"Anty Maim"

Ep 4.: "The Heartbreak Golly Gee Kid"/"App-y Days"

Ep 5.: "Exchange Student From the Black Lagoon"/"Fortress of Maxumtude"

Ep 6.: "Insane in the Cranial"/"What's He Hiding?"

Ep 7.: "House of Helmut"/"Supermodels"

Ep 8.: "Eric Amazing"/"Trevor the Hero"

Ep 9.: "Eric and Trevor's Mediocre Adventure"/"The Grim Gerbil"

Ep 10.: "Gimme a Sign"/"Sidekicks Rule!"

Ep 11.: "The Land Before Grunk"/"I, Sidebot"

Ep 12.: "Adventures in Supersitting"/"Mandy-o and Eric-et"

Ep 13.: "Sidekick Sideshow"/"The Maxum Method"

Ep 14.: "Of Mouse and Mel"/"Iron Sidechef"

Season 3

Ep 1.: "Teacher's Pet"/"Opossum Man"

Ep 2.: "Black Top, Dark Matter"/"Master XOX Ray Vision"

Ep 3.: "Oh Trevor, Where Art Thou?"/"XOX to Be You"

Ep 4.: "Eric and the Maxum Brain Factory"/"Trip Van Twinkle Toes"

Ep 5.: "Pains, Sprains, and Maxum Mobiles"/"Maxum Men"

Ep 6.: "Hullaballoo"/"For Real Estate"

Ep 7.: "Multikickery"/"A XOX for Good"

Ep 8.: "The Dingalingish Patient"/"Parent Teacher Night of Doom"

Ep 9.: "Eric of the Board"/"Pamp My Ride"

Ep 10.: "Oppoxox"/"Walter Ego Presents: Vapo House"

Ep 11.: "The Running of the Trolls"/"Superbest in Show"

Ep 12.: "Those Who Can't Teach"/"Graduation Daze"

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