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Opening Theme

Season 1

Ep 1.: "The Sweetest Thing"

Ep 2.: "Genie Treehouse"

Ep 3.: "Lights! Camera! Genies!"

Ep 4.: "What a Pig Mess"

Ep 5.: "Abraca-Genie"

Ep 6.: "Ahoy, Genies!"

Ep 7.: "Dino Might!"

Ep 8.: "A Very Genie Halloweenie"

Ep 9.: "Backyard Ballet"

Ep 10.: "Game On"

Ep 11.: "Santa's Little Genies"

Ep 12.: "Spaceship Wrecked"

Ep 13.: "Happy Wishaversary"

Ep 14.: "Sleep-Over Party"

Ep 15.: "Dream Dollhouse"

Ep 16.: "Gone Bowlin'"

Ep 17.: "The Great Skate Mistake"

Ep 18.: "Escape Goat"

Ep 19.: "My Secret Genies"

Season 2

Ep 1.: "Welcome to Zahramay Falls"

Ep 2.: "All Bottled Up"/"Zoom Zahramay"

Ep 3.: "A Tree-mendous Rescue"/"Flying Flour"

Ep 4.: "Mermaid Mayhem"/"Snow Place We'd Rather Be"

Ep 5.: "Starry Night Sleepover"/"Wild Carpet Chase"

Ep 6.: "Lost and Found"/"Freeze-amay Falls"

Ep 7.: "Size of the Beholder"/"Zoomicorn Toss"

Ep 8.: "Dragon Pox"/"Lightning in a Bottle"

Ep 9.: "Bling, Bling"/"Staffinated"

Ep 10.: "Double Trouble"/"Zany Ziffilon"

Ep 11.: "Volcano Drain-o"/"Cleanie Genies"

Ep 12.: "Now You See Her"/"Untamed Talent"

Ep 13.: "The Crystal Queen"/"The Glob"

Ep 14.: "Pet Bedroom"/"Boom Zahra-Mom"

Ep 15.: "Frosty Fun"/"Zeta in Training"

Ep 16.: "Masquerade Charade"/"The Silent Treatment"

Ep 17.: "Potion Control"/"Feel Better"

Ep 18.: "The Pirate Genie"

Ep 19.: "Trick or Treasure"/"Easy As Pie"

Ep 20.: "Bungle in the Jungle"/"The Mysterious Tower"

Season 3

Ep 1.: "Underground Bound"/"Wishy Washy Genie"

Ep 2.: "Carpet Troubles"/"Dragon Tales"

Ep 3.: "Rainbow Zahramay"

Ep 4.: "Hairdos and Don'ts"/"Flower Power"

Ep 5.: "Samira and Zeta"/"The Zeta Touch"

Ep 6.: "Genie For a Day"/"Zac the Clueless Detective"

Ep 7.: "Abraca-Nope"/"Treehouse Retreat"

Ep 8.: "Nazboo's Family Reunion"/"The Darpoppy"

Ep 9.: "Hounded"/"The Sorceress' Apprentice"

Ep 10.: "All That Glitters"/"Grab That Gem!"

Ep 11.: "Dance Magic"

Ep 12.: "Whatever Floats Your Boat"/"Waterbent"

Ep 13.: "Snow Time to Spare"/"Pet Games"

Ep 14.: "Zahramay Dreams"/"Careful What You Wish For"

Ep 15.: "Glitter Glitch!"/"Crystal Chaos"

Ep 16.: "A Lightning Colt for Shaya"/"A Special Delivery"

Ep 17.: "Zahra Glitter, Zahra Glow"

Ep 18.: "Nila Out of Water"/"I Dream of Zeta"

Ep 19.: "Brave-ish"/"Nazboo's Magic Kazoo"

Ep 20.: "A Pirate Genie's Life for Me"/"Wacky Wishes"

Season 4

Ep 1.: "Welcome to Zahramay Skies"

Ep 2.: "Pets to the Rescue"/"Runaway Rainbow"

Ep 3.: "Genie Babies"/"Zeta Sleeps Over"

Ep 4.: "Oceans Collide"/"Par-Tea Time"

Ep 5.: "The Zahra-Star"/"Lightning Strikes Twice"

Ep 6.: "Rainbows to the Rescue"/"Daydreams Come True"

Ep 7.: "Costume Chaos"/"Potion School"

Ep 8.: "The Painting Gem"/"Longest Day Ever"

Ep 9.: "The Zahracorn Salon"/"Zahracorn Tickles"

Ep 10.: "The Sky Garden"/"The Dragon Zahracorn"

Ep 11.: "Boom Zahra-Bake!"/"Rocket's Big Bark"

Ep 12.: "Buddies in a Bottle"/"The Gem Hunt"

Ep 13.: "Zahracorns on Parade"/"Nazboo's Magic Robe"

Ep 14.: "Zeta's Sister"/"Sneaky Switcheroo"

Ep 15.: "The Dragon Rider"

Ep 16.: "Legend of the Dragon Treasure"

Ep 17.: "Sneaky Squeaky Chicken"/"Adara's Bracelets"

Ep 18.: "Nazboo Come Home"/"Surfing the Skies"

Ep 19.: "Journey to Zahramay Oceanea"

Ep 20.: "The Sea Enchantress"/"The Dance of the Jellyfish"

Ep 21.: "Found You Day"/"Nazboo Loses a Tooth"

Ep 22.: "Zeashell Surprise"/"The Zahramay Zuffer-Puff"

Ep 23.: "Zadazzler Dizzaster"/"Hotdog Havoc"

Ep 24.: "Ladybugs on the Loose"/"Zeta the Powerless"

Ep 25.: "Zeacorn Cove"/"Lights of Oceanea"

Ep 26.: "Zahra-Zkunked"/"The Sorcerenie"

Season 5


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