Pilot: "In the Baa-ginning"

Season 1

"Be Still My Bleating Heart"

"To Bleat or Not to Bleat"

"Belle of the Baah"

"Going Off the Sheep End"

"Home For The Baa-lidays"

"Can't Live Without Ewe"

"15 Muttons Of Fame"

"Agony of De-Bleat"

"Baa-ck in Time"

"Fleeced to Meet You"

"A Star Is Shorn"

"Mistaken Identi-Sheep"

"To Sheep, Perchance to Dream"

Season 2

"Wish You Were Shear"

"Baah-Dern Times"

"Flock, Up in the Sky"

"My, How Ewe Have Changed"

"Party of the Shear"

"The Wool of the People"

"Daddy Shearest"

"The Wool Is Not Enough"

"Beauty and the Bleats"

"An Officer and a Gentlelamb"

"Oh, the Ewemanity"

"Here Goes Mutton"

"Baa-hind the Scenes"

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