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April 22-May 7, 2014

Scarlet Heart 2 (Chinese: 步步惊情) is a 2014 Chinese television series. It is the sequel to Scarlet Heart (2011), and continues the story after the time traveling protagonist, Zhang Xiao (Cecilia Liu), returns to her own time following the death of Ma'ertai Ruoxi. The story is not considered to be canon to Tong Hua's novel Bu Bu Jing Xin because the author never wrote a sequel, although some of the cast members from the first series have returned. Unlike its predecessor, the series does not involve time traveling and will be set in the present, resolving the loose ends left by the cliffhanger.

It began filming in Tianjin, China in March 2013 and ended in Hong Kong in June 2013. The series aired on Zhejiang TV from April 22 to May 7, 2014. Due to the restrictions on time-traveling dramas in Mainland China, the 39 original episodes were cut down to 35 and re-assembled to 41.


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