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February 14th, 2009 - Present

SMG4 (short for SuperMemeGuardian4, or SuperMarioGlitchy4, briefly known as SMG4 // Glitch Productions), is an Australian YouTube channel, created by a guy named Luke Lerdwichagul. (Who is a director, animator, and voice actor for the channel.) He is known for creating animated/machinima videos based around the Super Mario Bros. characters. These machinimas also include characters from other video games (including other Nintendo properties), or are made up entirely. The channel was started on February 14th, 2009, and has been going ever since.

Lerdwichagul is also the co-founder of the animation studio, Glitch Productions (formerly known as Glitchy Boy), along with his older brother, Kevin Lerdwichagul. The studio's productions are uploaded onto the SMG4 channel, including YouTube original series "Meta Runner", "Sunset Paradise", and "Murder Drones", created by Liam Vickers.

As of now, the channel currently stands at 5.67 million subscribers, and has almost 3 billion views all together.


On a stupider version of the Mushroom Kingdom, it tells the dumb adventures of Mario and his friend SMG4 (a recolored Mario). With their other friends, they face absurd and chaotic situations, with random memes and stupidness.

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I make animated videos of Mario and random losers going on dumb adventures 🍝

New Episodes every Saturday 9am PT

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