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This is a rare sound effect.

Similar Variations

Used In

Video Games


  • InkBowser.exe (Heard in a muffled and in low quality at the end.)
  • Minion.exe
  • Rouge.exe
  • Sally.exe (Debut)
  • Silver.exe
  • ToyStory.exe (Heard once in the intro.)

YouTube Videos

  • The Angry German Kid Show
  • Barney Error Videos
  • Disney Plus Anti-Piracy Screen
  • maxandruby0007 (Heard in the cut short version only.)
  • Noggin anti-piracy screen 2007-2009 (Heard once at the end.)
  • Swinub gameing anti piracy screen (Heard in last half at the end.)
  • WhitneyGoLucky

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