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This is a Skywalker Sound sound effect that debuted in Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980), recorded by probably either Ben Burtt and/or Randy Thom. Ben Burtt nicknamed this sound "car coast winds".

According to Ben Burtt in a recent interview , “I was up above Pasadena at Wilson Observatory, and as I’m coming down the long 19-mile road, I found that if you just crack the window open on the driver’s side of the car and then turn the engine off and just coast, you get a whistling of wind through the window... We rented an old-school Mole Richardson wind machine, favored by radio programs in the 1940s, and recorded a window screen angled into a strong wind at Point Reyes in the headlands to round out the collection….I probably made a dozen or so, maybe more, versions of Hoth winds. They went from light to heavy. We would find the right texture for each scene. They were done in stereo and they had a nice environmental feel to them. Those winds are still used today.”

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